A carbine ( or ) is a long gun that has a barrel shortened from its original length. Most modern carbines are rifles that are compact versions of a longer rifle or are rifles chambered for less powerful cartridges.
The smaller size and lighter weight of carbines make them easier to handle. They are typically issued to high-mobility troops such as special-operations soldiers and paratroopers, as well as to mounted, artillery, logistics, or other non-infantry personnel whose roles do not require full-sized rifles, although there is a growing tendency for carbines to be issued to front-line soldiers to offset the increasing weight of other issued equipment. An example of this is the U.S. Army's M4 carbine, which is standard issue. A firearm does not require a stock or arm brace in order to be considered a carbine.

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  1. Dust2Dollars

    Guns & Calibers from the past; Custom M1 Carbine Chambered in Johnson MMJ 5.7mm Spitfire A.K.A. 22 Spitfire

    Guns & Calibers from the past; Johnson MMJ 5.7mm Spitfire! The first thing we need to know is the creator of this caliber, "MMJ" Melvin Maynard Johnson Jr. He was commissioned into the Marine Corps Reserve in 1933 as a Second Lieutenant and completed Harvard Law School in 1934. Johnson designed...
  2. arrowshooter

    45 ACP Carbine Barrel Twist

    One of my ponderings as we get muddled through the whole AR Pistol "Brace" thing is picking up a 16" 45 ACP barrel to convert a pistol to a carbine. I have come across some differential in twist rates and I am looking for some possible experiences with this animal. I see that the 1:16 twist...
  3. Reno

    Henry USA Homesteader - 9mm carbine

    Those that wanted a fixed barrel wooden stock Ruger PC Carbine, rejoice, Henry now has one for you.
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