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  1. Y

    Stainless ruger gp100

    .357 mag 4" $550
  2. T

    Bad bubblegum GP100

    Ruger GP-100 "Match Champion"  10mm Double-Action Revolver I hope the link works ! i want something like this ! A GP 100 match target 10mm bored out to 10mm Magnum, its a very impressive round. 180 grain Bullets at 1500+ 200s at 1450, I think i will call bowen classic and ask about it...
  3. X

    Wiley Clapp GP100 10mm

    Consolidating calibers and this is my only 10mm. Hammer bobbed and action smoothed by John at NW Custom Firearms. True DAO. Awesome gun. Comes with a holster from Garrett Industries too. Around 50 rounds through it. Have a handful of 10mm rounds and maybe some 40sw too that might work, I never...
  4. nwwoodsman

    WTB OR  GP100 6" holster & speed loaders

    Just picked up a 6" GP100 and now looking for the rest. I am wanting a decent holster for woods carry, some speed loaders and a Hogue grip. If you got something in your spare parts box, shoot me a message.
  5. Jonathan

    Stainless Ruger GP100 Talo 6 inch 357

    $675 cash money! Only 18 rounds through this beauty.
  6. DLS

    Ruger GP100 sear and machining questions.

    1) I'm about to do a shim, spring and polish on my GP100 and have a question about the sear engagement. When shooting double action does the hammer trip from the hammer dog or does the dog release the hammer to another sear prior to release. I can't really see what's going on in the gun and...
  7. Swaney109

    WTB WA  Ruger GP 100

    Looking for a Ruger GP 100 6" barrel, either in stainless or blued. Cash in hand. Thanks Kevin
  8. R

    What's a good price to ask for a Ruger GP100?

    I've been trying to sell my Ruger GP100. For some time. Listed a few times over the past year or so. So I'm wondering if I'm charging too much, or something else is wrong with my listing. Started out with a price that I found others sold for, but no bites. Lowered the price by quite a bit...