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  1. pdxparabellum

    PDX Metro Area members, tap in!

    Mornin' folks! A little while back I ran a poll querying which EDC guns y'all specifically carried when in PDX. Thank you for your feedback on here - immensely helpful! Any members of the forum living in the Portland Metro Area / City Of Portland ? (Not just travel here.) I have not seen many...
  2. Mark W.

    Other State  Police office killed in Thousand Oaks was from CHP bullet

    LIKE WOW bet you won't see this on the evening news. The Officer that was killed during the Shooting in Thousand Oaks CA. took 5 rounds the coroner said he most likely would have survived but the 6th round fired by the CHP officer on site went through his heart killing him. Sheriff: Police...
  3. RicInOR

    National  Make Sure Your Trainer Is Following the Law (CHP, CCW)

    Ravenna NRA instructor charged for issuing forged concealed carry certificates
  4. RicInOR

    Idaho (ID) CWL / CHL / CWP/ CHP Question

    I was talking with a friend yesturday, he is recently back to OR from Idaho. Asked what he was doing there, getting a CHP. I thought that interesting. He reports that as a non-resident, you have to be IN ID to take the class, and then RETURN to ID to get your permit. Something to do...
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