Multnomah may refer to:
The Multnomah people, a Chinookan people who lived in the area of modern Portland, Oregon, United States
Multnomah, the middle Chinookan dialect of the Multnomah people

Places, vessels, and institutions whose name is derived from the name of the tribe
Multnomah (sternwheeler), a steamboat that ran on the Columbia River and Puget Sound
Multnomah, Portland, Oregon, a neighborhood of Portland, Oregon
Multnomah College
Multnomah County, Oregon
Multnomah Falls
Multnomah University
Waterbrook Multnomah, a division of Random House.

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  1. ocarolan

    Free "Shooting Times", courtesy of Portland

    Good news, Portland Metro citizens are now subscribed to "Shooting Times". 🤙 Open to Multnomah, Clackamas, Washington, Skamania, Klickitat, Clark, Cowlitz county residents (library card). *If you log in, help recommend purchase of other quality literature. ;-) Online Shooting Times
  2. pdxparabellum

    PDX Metro Area members, tap in!

    Mornin' folks! A little while back I ran a poll querying which EDC guns y'all specifically carried when in PDX. Thank you for your feedback on here - immensely helpful! Any members of the forum living in the Portland Metro Area / City Of Portland ? (Not just travel here.) I have not seen many...
  3. turkeydonkey

    Multnomah Co. CCL application last question

    I'm sitting here filling out my Multco CCL app (finally) and it asks "yes/no: I have obtained relief from firearm prohibition." I kind of feel like I'm being asked that classic loaded question "have you stopped beating your wife?" because either answer seems to imply something bad. So what's the...
  4. P

    Appealing CHL Denial Success Story- Multnomah County

    I was denied a CHL in 2013 and did not appeal. I re- applied in 2017 and was denied again for the same reasons. I have a little more discretionary income and decided to hire a lawyer to appeal the denial. I was originally going to hire The Short Group, but their prices were out of my range. I...
  5. A

    Oregon  Is Multnomah County Breaking the Law?

    Hi everyone, Applied for CHL in Multnomah County Oregon April 3rd and went in for my appointment on May 16. It is now 6/30/17 and my permit is still not here. Today is the 46th day. I called the CHL office and asked where it is. They stated it was approved 6/27/17 (43 days) and was "possibly"...
  6. N Monty

    Multnomah Co. CHL - Oregon ID card not allowed?

    Hello, I am in the process of applying for a CHL. I just received an email from Multnomah County for my CHL appointment, and one thing caught my eye: That last bit struck me as odd. "A state ID card is NOT acceptable proof of residence." I don't understand how that would be the case, as...
  7. cowgirlkaboom

    Just bought a RAM 2500 cummins. Questions for those of you in Multnomah

    Waiting for it to get shipped.. It appears that these diesels do not have to be emissions tested in Portlandia? Can anyone confirm or deny this? I may have to live up there for 6-9 months. /cringe Any RAM owners with tips are welcome to pipe in as well.
  8. 13BWayToBe

    Multnomah Co. Chl appointment question

    Hello quick question. I have my chl appointment tomorrow. I know I pay the 65 bucks to get the license and get my fingerprints and pic taken. I know I need to bring my certification. Besides my I. D., cert, 65$ payment and my self. Do I need to bring anything else? Just been antsy...
  9. Blindranger

    Best Concealed Carry class in PDX area?

    Who puts on a solid class for Oregon's concealed carry in the Portland Area? I am looking for a great training opportunity vs a quick class that simply checks the boxes. I did a quick search and couldn't find anything recent. Thanks!
  10. that guy

    Multnomah CHL with ODFW Hunter Safety card?

    Anyone know if my ODFW Hunter Safety card is good for the competency portion of the application or do I have to pay to take yet another class? This is in Multnomah County, FWIW. Thanks.
  11. U

    Multnomah County Judge declares that all guns in Oregon need to be dumped into the Ocean

    Multnomah County Circuit Court Judge Kenneth R. Walker declared in open court on Wednesday that all firearms in the United States of America need to be dumped into the ocean. Judge Walker, who was originally appointed to the court by former Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski, made a long anti-gun...
  12. P

    Multnomah County application application process

    Hey everybody. I mailed in my CHL application to the Multnomah County Sheriffs office three weeks ago. Does anyone have recent experience with sending in a new application? If so, how long did it take to get back an initial response and when was the scheduled appointment? Should I call the...
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