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  1. Andyburgers

    Springfield 911 .380 ACP

    Selling my Springfield 911 .380 ACP, has both a 7 round extended magazine and a 6 round flush magazine. Amazing condition, purchased in August from Cabela's for around $650, comes with original box and everything in it. Night sights equipped standard, beautiful gun, have to sell to get bills...
  2. DirectDrive

    CJRB Centros EDC Knife $36.84

    This is a nice knife for the money. I bought one for my nephew and now just bought one for myself. It's a clean-operating thumb stud model in a classic design. Atlantic has honest pricing, free shipping and no tax...
  3. Kruel J

    Changed my EDC, still a Glock

    Like some others, my EDC choice has changed several times in the last few years. With all the new offerings that keep popping up I assume I'm not the only one to switch things out.... I started with the super duper subcompact mouse guns. I got it stuck in my head that concealability was THE...
  4. DirectDrive

    What Is Your EDC Knife ?

    I don't have one, but suddenly have an urge to start carrying one. Pics are welcome.
  5. DirectDrive

    CRKT M16 EDC Knife $13.27

    Not a real "knife guy" but this looks like a good deal for an iconic EDC knife design. https://www.amazon.com/CRKT-M16-01S-Folding-Pocket-Knife/dp/B006SK1JQU?tag=gddeals19-20&th=1
  6. DeanMk

    EDC Ruger revolver

    GP100 (1705) or Redhawk (5050). Differences are 4 oz. weight and $250 (MSRP). Carried in outside belt holster. Redhawk will only be loaded with .45 Colt ammo (not ACP). Which would you choose for your EDC and why?
  7. RicInOR

    EDC Tool

    What is it? Hint it is 420 Stainless.
  8. Nick Burkhardt

    Oregon  TriMet EDC

    EDC for riding the MAX A Taurus .357 Magnum revolver, a handheld crossbow and a box of .22LR ammunition.
  9. HA556

    Lets see your EDC Snubbies!

    Due to a disability, I have had to go to something smaller and easier to shoot. My 1911's are just getting to much for my hands and arms, which is where a portion of my disability effects. So, I now carry this 1970 S&W Model 60 no dash, vintage Safariland SST holster and two Tuff strips. Really...
  10. T

    EDC Commuter XL Sling l Sig Rattler 300 Blackout

    Nice personal defense setup. Thoughts? The Sig MCX Rattler with a suppressor fits perfectly in the discreet Vertx backpack: Love the big handle to swing the bag around your body to the front. Just pull the handle the opposite direction to deploy your weapon: Plenty of Velcro to...
  11. Nick Burkhardt

    Add a Fake Phone to your EDC

    Move over "drop wallet" and say hello to the Decoy Phone. With new smart phones costing $1000 these days it seem prudent to carry a Fake or Decoy phone. I already have a fake "drop wallet" with bogus VISA cards and a novelty McLovin Drivers Licence along with a $20 wrapped around a bunch of...
  12. The Courier

    A reminder to check your EDC

    So I went to do a lint check on LCP .380 and as I racked the slide a curious thing happened. The projectile remained in the barrel and the case extracted dumping its powder charge down the magazine. When I tilted the chamber back the lodged bullet dropped free but this is something that has...
  13. surevaliance

    Off-body EDC

    For my whole life I was in strong opposition to off-body carry. However, due to my L5-S1 troubles I can't carry on my belt now. So I have decided to try off-body carry and bought Vertx Transit Sling EDC. Just got it yesterday. At least it doesn't look tactikewl.
  14. zenbreath

    String loop on EDC flashlight.

    A string loop on your flashlight allows you to open doors and change magazines without putting your flashlight away.