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  1. devnull69

    procedure to holster for EDC

    I put gun into holster first and then put holstered gun on to belt. This seems like right thing to do since I don't have to holster with gun pointed down leg. And since I take off holster with gun inside, the next time I go out, there's no need to holster gun. Is this just common sense...
  2. DCriddle

    Recommendations on EDC belt

    I posted a thread last year asking for holster recommendations. I have 3 now that I really like. Only problem is I don’t have a good belt to support them. I’ve been looking around and browsing online but haven’t found any that really caught my eye. I have not been able to find a store with a...
  3. ch139

    Feel undergunned? Consider changing EDC?

    Just wondering what your thoughts are. Seems the daily news is full of all kinds of violence and its only getting worse. Part of one's well being is planning on staying away from possibly bad areas and situations. Along the same lines, a person is able to choose the tools for the job when all...
  4. Esam85

    Medical supplies on your EDC

    I am in a lot of different “gun groups” on various platforms. Why do y’all think that extra magazines takes precedence over medical supplies in most people’s EDC? personally I carry a tourniquet and if clothing allows a pressure dressing over excess magazines. I also have full aid bags in all...
  5. fxdc

    Lets see your Red Dot EDC guns

    Always wanted a RDS after my eyes got tired on our EDC guns. Fantastic on my race gun but wanting one on all our pistols. LOL What's in your Holster???
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