A ballot measure is a piece of proposed legislation to be approved or rejected by eligible voters. Ballot measures are also known as "propositions" or simply "questions".
Ballot measures differ from most legislation passed by representative democracies; ordinarily, an elected legislature develops and passes laws. Ballot measures, by contrast, are an example of direct democracy.
In the United States ballot measures may be established by several different processes which vary amongst the states:
Initiative, in which any citizen or organization may gather a predetermined number of signatures to qualify a measure for the ballot;
Popular referendum, in which a predetermined number of signatures (typically lower than the number required for an initiative) qualifies a ballot measure repealing a specific act of the legislature;
Legislative referral (a.k.a. "legislative referendum"), in which the legislature puts proposed legislation up for popular vote (either voluntarily or, in the case of a constitutional amendment as a required procedure).

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  1. SifuGreg

    Oregon  SB348 is on the move again

    For any of you who don't know, although Measure 114 is in stasis, Senate Bill 348 was a "gut and stuff" which was a complete rewrite of measure 114 and is alive and well and in some cases WORSE in that is retroactively establishes the active date for the magazine ban to December 08th and...
  2. Joe Link

    Washington  Washington voters get to weigh in on ballot measure that seeks to toughen gun laws

    Washington voters get to weigh in on ballot measure that seeks to toughen gun laws
  3. GlockFan1990

    Oregon  Gun Confiscation Ballot Measure Update

    Last evening at 5pm was the deadline for submitting comments on the ballot title for IP 43, the firearms confiscation measure. This measure would ban not only almost all modern firearms but could potentially even ban some lever action rifles. Anyone who commented has standing to challenge the...
  4. GlockFan1990

    Oregon  My comments on ballot title IP43

    Here is what I’m planning on submitting; To whom it may concern; The proposed caption for Initiative Petition 2018-043, proposed for the November 6, 2018, General Election does not meet the requirements of the Oregon State Constitution which requires that initiative measures address only one...
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