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  1. joken

    Boquist message to Brown

    Oregon Republican senator threatens state troopers, warns them to ‘come heavily armed’
  2. U

    California Governor Jerry Brown Signs Several new Gun Control Bills into Law

    California has a whole bunch of new gun laws, coming soon to the state: California already had the strictest gun control laws in the nation. They just passed a bunch more - CNNPolitics
  3. T

    Oregon  Gov. Brown releases statement supporting gun control

    Well, she needs to show something for the $250,000 that Bloomberg gave her. Of course, she didn't try too hard, and just linked to an article her department put out earlier in the year. I guess posting something fresh is the $500,000 plan installment. If you have facebook, have fun educating...
  4. T

    What are we dealing with: Report is that Gov. Kate Brown is Gov. Jerry ...

    Brown of California's younger sister. This puts an entire anti-gun perspective into sharp focus; and helps understand the anti-gun movement in Oregon. Please pass on this information.
  5. N

    Oregon  Gun owners must unite to beat Kate Brown in November

    Country Gent pointed out in a comment the good 2A voting record of Knute Buehler. He voted in opposition to SB 941. NRA-ILA | Oregon: Thank the Legislators Who Fought to Protect Your Rights He voted in opposition to SB 719. The Voter's Self Defense System He's opposed to IP 43 and 44...
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