Oregon time to start submitting bills to be sponsored


Ever feel you are constantly on the defensive? Writing letters and emails about terrible bills you know will be ignored? Feel as if the legislature is flooded with anti-gun bills every year?

Getting a bill submitted and sponsored by a representative is pretty easy and it is now time to start thinking about this for next session.

To get a bill submitted you need to sit down with your representative with an idea for a bill. You dont need to be able to write in legal language. The legislature has staff (paid for by your taxes) who write the bills.

You need to have a detailed idea for a bill and be able to convince your rep to sponsor it. If you have an anti-gun rep make an appointment with another who will support you, it does not need to be your own rep.

Best would be to come with details of what you want the bill to accomplish, examples from other state laws would be helpful and any other reason why you think the bill should be sponsored.

I'm going to be sitting down with my rep in Hawaii in June, that is probably a good month for Oregon as well. I called his office and was told the process and all I need to do is to show up with a detailed idea for a bill.

I'd encourage as many people as possible to make a short appointment with your rep starting in June this year.

Remember, highschool kids got a bill submitted this year. They did not write it, they just told the rep what they wanted.

Dont wait for NRA or another group to do this. Dont wait for a Politician to do this. No one will except you. Fight the onslaught of anti-gun bills with the same force.

Citizen Engagement How an Idea Becomes Law


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