1. Paolung

    Uploading photos from Android phone

    Hey all, Is there a secret to uploading photos for a Classified ad when using an Android phone? I know how to use an iPhone to do it, but the “upload photos” button does nothing on an Android. What gives?
  2. 3MTA3

    Muzzle Velocity Without A Chrono? Just Use Your Phone

  3. Lennie

    Witnesses say man stole phone in Seattle, shot by people who tracked down location

  4. Lennie

    John Deere breaks new ground with self-driving tractors you can control from a phone

  5. Gunbuggy

    I got a new phone and lost everything. If you know me, text me with your name / username

    Hey guys. If you know me which most of you do, I lost all contacts. I have the same number. If you have that number, please shoot me with a text with your name or username or however we know each other. Thanks!
  6. pharmseller

    Got a great phone call Friday

    Back in June of 2018 I listed my dad’s Western Security gun safe on NWFA https://www.northwestfirearms.com/threads/western-security-gun-safe.273381/ Friday afternoon I got a call from some guy who had a similar safe. He said he found my post and needed help getting into his safe. He had the...
  7. 40Garand

    My phone is making funny noises Amber Alert!

    LIC: C66780T WA. Gold 2004 Chev. Silverado, Verizon was pretty vague with a mention of Portland as a possible last seen.
  8. darkminstrel

    Ban phone numbers in non-vendor classifieds.

    I was just perusing the classifieds and saw the seller had his phone number on prominent display. Being the inquisitive sort with a background in IT security I simply plugged the number in google and now know this person's real name, current address, and that they have at least one firearm in...
  9. CountryGent

    CHL Phone Scam?

    My parents where here this last week and my mother was telling me about a new phone scam in which the method to your info is calling about your CCW/CHL license. A quick google search indicates it is a real thing. Out of curiosity, has anyone received one of these? I received an endless parade...
  10. B

    Cell phone service provider

    Does anyone have Patriot Mobil? I currently have AT&T and have had them for the past 20+ years. Lately I haven’t been so happy with the service. In order for my phone to work at my house I have to use one of there stupid Mcell towers hooked to my internet. Last week when we had a power outage...
  11. kbf64

    Rugged Basic phone

    Anyone using a rugged "basic" not smart phone these days? I was looking at this: https://www.amazon.com/Cat-B25-Factory-Unlocked-Warranty/dp/B00PSSWZRA/ref=sr_1_13?dchild=1&keywords=cat+rugged+phone&qid=1601854981&sr=8-13
  12. arakboss

    Phone Hunting

    Maybe phones do grow on trees. Has anybody seen of these mystery phones hanging around? https://jalopnik.com/delivery-drivers-are-hanging-smartphones-in-trees-to-be-1844940759/amp
  13. F

    Cell phone rifle scope adapter?

    I did not find an thread here so what adapter works well on rifle/spotting scopes to take pics? My Samsung has multiple lenses and the cheap adapter I bought just does not work. Thanks
  14. fishpoem

    NRA phone scam?

    Just got a call purporting to be collecting donations for the NRA. Gal knew my name, but that's easy to find. I told her "I don't do business over the phone. EVER!" And that ended it. I belong to NRA. They can, and do, contact me via email. Maybe the phone call is legit, maybe not. Better to be...
  15. I

    Phone App for Range Log?

    Anyone using any app to track their shooting? Right now, I am just writing them down in MS OneNote. Nothing fancy...
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