Advice (noun) or advise (verb) may refer to:
Advice (opinion), an opinion or recommendation offered as a guide to action, conduct
Advice column, a regular feature on a website or in a newspaper or magazine
Academic advising, in academics
Legal advice, the giving of a formal and binding opinion regarding the substance or procedure of the law

Advice (constitutional), in constitutional law, a frequently binding instruction issued to a constitutional office-holder
Advice (programming), a piece of code executed when a join point is reached
Advice (complexity), in complexity theory, a string with extra information used by Turing machine or other computing device
Pay advice, also known as a pay slip
Advice (song), a debut single by Christina Grimmie
ADVISE (Analysis, Dissemination, Visualization, Insight, and Semantic Enhancement), a research and development program within the United States Department of Homeland Security
ADVISE Advanced Stochastic Modelling Software from Conning & Company

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  1. tdawg

    New Hunter, options for guided hunts in WA/OR?

    Hi all, Lifetime firearm enthusiast, but unfortunately none of my family or friends have ever hunted, or show any interest in hunting, which means, I didn't grow around it. I would like to learn how to hunt with an experienced guide who can walk me through the process and guide the hunt. I have...
  2. tdawg

    Handgun for Elderly neighbors

    Hello all, looking for some feedback here, my elderly neighbors (both in their 70s-80s) recently approached me as they wanted some advice on a handgun to get for self defense should Trump lose the election, they divulged they do not currently have any guns, and the last time he shot a gun was a...
  3. 6gunslinger

    Advice wanted for silencing a Beretta 92

    Y'all have probably heard it all before but I was unable to find conclusive answers for these questions... First off lets assume I've already found the perfect ammunition to use for the set up and that the factory barrel has already been threaded. I'm thinking of getting a 6" silencer for my...
  4. arakboss

    Need advice on dry media and additives for rcbs vibratory case cleaner

    Edit: I just picked up a rcbs vibratory case cleaner. I am looking at purchasing some lyman tufnut for my first media purchase. Any advice on other media options, additives or techniques would be appreciated. I am not concerned with having that new super polished brass look. I just want clean...
  5. P7M13

    Advice on a Matthews HeliM bow

    I want to upgrade from my Bear entry POS, and have the opportunity to purchase a Matthews HeliM bow package for $550. It is in pristine condition. Any advice from you seasoned bow hunters out there? Thanks in advance.
  6. Geardo

    Vehicle advice: need a 4x4 4 door

    I currently own a 2001 tacoma 4x4 access Cab. Great truck, never let me down, can handle every day driving, snow, road trips, and off roading. But now I have a kid on the way, and a car seat is pretty dang tight (basically won't fit) in the back. My wife owns a 2WD rav4. I would...
  7. S

    Pelican Type Rifle case advice

    I am looking for a Pelican type rifle case that will hold three scoped AR 15 uppers and a lower. looking for a case to look at. Thanks For any help Skidder
  8. P

    PSAK advice

    So the feed ramp on my Gen 2 PSAK cracked and I sent it in to be fixed on feb. 6th. I still haven’t got it back and I am pissed. I don’t want to have to deal with PSA’s customer service again. So should I sell the PSAK when I get it back and buy a wasr? Or is that something that doesn’t happen...
  9. Witsendidk

    Beginner's advice on an SKS?

    I've decided I want an SKS. So far all I know from a bit of research is that the main 3 makes are Russian, Chinese & Yugoslavian, and that if you get a Chinese version you want a military model not an export model. When i search around to get an idea of prices I google "type 56 norinco", and it...
  10. pinne65

    AR 15 scope advice

    .223/5.56 18" free float 1:8 twist, geared towards target shooting / plinking mostly. I'd say max 600 yds, because it's the max on the range I belong to. I started thinking 1-4 would be enough and had my eyes set on a Mark R mod 1 firedot but now I'm not so sure anymore. I usually find myself...
  11. F

    Advice for target camera?

    Seems like these would be pretty handy for longer range shooting...esp if you don't have a good spot scope. Can anyone make recomendations on one that does not break the bank? Pros/Cons? Maybe an earlier thread out there? Thanx
  12. Kruel J

    Heading to ID tomorrow for a week and need advice

    Gonna be in Ada county then Ketchum area. I lived in Meridian for 4 years. I was wondering if anyone can recommend a good place to eat in both areas. And no “big box” type restaurants that are everywhere. I’m planning on Idaho Pizza one day for lunch, I remember it being pretty good. Others? :)
  13. raindog

    Advice / Appraisal (selling black rifles)

    I have a small inventory of black rifles (or "assault rifles" as some erroneously call them). Unfortunately, I have some family medical bills I need to pay and therefore I've made the decision to sell them. I'm thinking I have three options: (1) take them to a gun store and see what they'll...
  14. Fieryotaku

    Having trouble with a time frame a business gave me.

    I went to a business which shall be left unnamed and dropped off 2 firearms for work one was a laser stipple and the other was a cerakote job. I was told 1-1.5 weeks for the stipple and 4-6 for the cerakote. I am now 3 weeks in on the stipple job and so far they haven't even gotten to the...
  15. M

    Newbie member...came for the classified, stayed for the advice!

    So moved to Oregon a year and a half ago and promptly got my concealed carry permit. Carried for 10 years when I worked for the railroad in the 70s/80s but not since then. So my brother-in-law sold me an old S&W snubnose that I've been carrying now. It's an Airweight that he 'bobbed' the hammer...
  16. B5Ben

    10/22 build ideas and advice

    Hey everyone. I am looking to build (or buy) a target 10/22. I say buy because I would be ok with picking up someone elses unused/under used project as a starting point for mine. I am looking at starting with a BRN-22 threaded barreled reciever and the parts kit that includes the BX trigger...
  17. RicInOR

    Advice sought: EDC Chest Pocket Flashlight AAA

    I had since about 2012 a "4Sevens Preon 1, R5, Flashlight; Black; 70 OTF lumens; 1xAAA" apparently no longer available, least not where I have been looking. I misplaced this little guy whose location has been my shirt pocket for the past 6 years. :( What can I get as a similar...
  18. conditor22

    Daughter threatend N Seattle, need CC gun advice

    The man she lived with for years (who’s been married 5 times before- that should have thrown up a red flag) threatened her several times. Police reports and a restraining order has been filed but they are only paper. She asked me what gun to get and I said a 380. I read several places that that...
  19. Lars

    Need advice for safe

    I'm looking to buy a safe before the end of the year. What would you recommend? Figure 5-6 pistols and 10-12 rifles. Any good deals out there right now?
  20. Aispuro


    Hello all was wanting to see if I could get some good advice on shipping my semi auto Rifle (ak47) it’s my first time selling a rifle thru gun broker so any advice would be much appreciated. I’ve received the buyers ffl form,money order an he sent me a prepaid fedex shipping label it’s going...
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