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  1. benjamyn.boyer

    Ruger 10/22 50th Anniversary

    Synthetic Stock 10/22. Bought the 50th anniversary thinking it would be a neat gun to have in the safe. No threaded barrel and too expensive to thread. Going to sell so I can fund new 10/22 threaded barrel purchase.
  2. K

    Ruger 10/22 Factory receiver parts

    In the market for the following: *Factory stripped receiver (will pay FFL transfer) *Bolt *Charging handle *Receiver pins *Barrel V Block and bolts. I'm open to aftermarket depending on which parts. Let me know what you got :)
  3. Jakehodge

    Lightly used odg tactical solutions 10/22 barrel

    Have a od green threaded tactical solutions 10/22 threaded barrel for sale. Maybe fired a 100 rounds through it. Awesome replacement barrel for any ruger 10/22
  4. trekkerpaul

    10/22 takedown and light weight stocks-lower price

    Someone MUST need or want these. I have two brand new takedown take offs sets 20 each Ramline brand, light weight stock with sling 15- *sling is no longer included* Open to offers and trades: ammo, bx-1 magazines, AK related items.....something else? Shipping at cost is fine with me once...
  5. Stef

    Ruger 10/22 Tack Driver

    Have a rodent problem on your property? I have the solution for you. Built on the reliable 10/22 platform, this is now an amazing rifle. KIDD 20" bead blasted match barrel KIDD Scalloped Match bolt + extractor KIDD scope base Extended magazine release Volquartsen extended bolt handle &...
  6. P

    Ruger 10/22 Compact/youth

    Looking for a 10/22 compact with 16” barrel and shorter (12.5”) LOP. Can order a new one for $250 otd so I wanted to see what else was out there.
  7. P

    10/22 Takedown for Appleseed events?

    Has anyone in the group taken a 10/22 Takedown through an Appleseed event. I read a lot of reviews on other forums about there being lots of stringing and inaccuracy in the takedown models. I know tightening the barrel nut helps, but just curious if anyone else can substantiate that claim. I’m...
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