1. PiratePast40

    National  Anyone having problems getting acceptable fingerprints?

    Thought I would get a set of electronic fingerprints for ATF so I didn't need to keep sending in cards. Made an appointment with PrintScan at UPS and had a hard time getting acceptable prints due to the condition of my fingertips. Lots of cuts, lines, and generally worn smooth. Had to do an...
  2. peteNW503

    New guns mag problems?

    I know a lot of people have touched on this subject but with 114 and a lot of companies bailing out as far as the magazine supply is concerned I decided to make this post let’s keep it simple! Please comment if (A) you have recently purchased magazines over 10 rounds successfully. Or (B) you...
  3. jayR

    SIG 322 problems

    Anyone having lead fouling barrel problems ? Seeing several you tubers discussing this. Wondered if it is happening around the PACNW?
  4. T

    Routine problems with Stihl Chain saws that break down with little use....

    I have had two Stihl $400 + chain saws go bust after very little use and after the 1st year. Each time I take it back to Stark and they do a tune up and ask for a new carb install. Now estimates $275 after one year of use, very well maintained, and dry between seasons. I thought Stihl was the...
  5. MEC 9000 12 gauge reloader problems

    I have inherited a MEC-9000 12-gauge shotshell reloader. I set everything up and I'm struggling to get the powder and shot drops to cycle effectively. Are there any MEC pros out there who would be able to look at this press and determine what is happening incorrectly with it? I'd happily drive...
  6. B

    Patriot Safe Key Opp Problems: Pins seem to malfunction for Keyed Entry; Left locking key.

    Patriot Safe Key Opp Problems: Pins seem to malfunction for Keyed Entry; Left locking key.
  7. R

    any problems with EOTECH 512.A65

    I observed a lot of EOTECHs for sale on this forum have any of you experienced problems with the 512.A65? I've had mine for 3 years with no issues, but I understand the limitations of this optic interested in you personal experience, not internet banter
  8. Jv22

    Problems with new AR10 build cycling.. OPINIONS NEEDED!

    Hi and thanks for any input you may have to help me diagnose this issue. I am by no means a professional gun builder. Only a professional ammo user. The rifle: Ar10 DPMS style, 308, 20" BCA side charging upper receiver complete from them. The issue: Here is the order of operations. -Insert...
  9. L

    Stupid tic toc stunt causing problems

  10. arakboss

    General Troubleshooting Striker Fired Pistol Problems.

    I am having major problems with a Glock Clone "build" and would like some direction on how to go about getting this pistol running well. How would you recommend I go about identifying the problems and what might be causing them?
  11. arakboss

    Fixed  Ad Status field missing on Android mobile device.

    I went to search for locked ads on my Android phone and the Ad Status box is gone. I checked it on my desktop and the Ad Status box is present and working properly.
  12. K

    More News About Portland Gang/Gun Problems

    Google Green Brothers guns. Quite enlightening. What Ya got to say, JoAnn H?
  13. S

    EoTech Holo sight problems

    recently acquired an Eotech 552.A65 The holo reticle is very blurry- emailed Eotech (no response) and have searched online- no real answers popped up this came in a complete box, so I really doubt its counterfeit- anybody have any solutions to make it clearer/sharper?
  14. bolus

    Spot the problems

    See how many problems in this picture of the Taliban armed by the good US tax payers.
  15. dondoo1315

    P80 problems need your help

    So I recently put togother my first p80 it’s a Glock 19 Size build. also have a glock 23. Now when I put my 23 slide on my p80 frame I can rack it and dry fire. When I put my p80 slide on my 23 frame I can rack it and dry fire but when I put my p80 slide on my p80 frame it locks on where I...
  16. RVTECH

    And We Think WE Have Problems....

    I had NO idea of what the people in So. Africa have to deal with....
  17. ma96782

    I thought that we had problems w/Big Tech

    https://nextshark.com/thailand-sparks-outrage-after-pornhub-ban/ OK, Ok, ok.....it was the Govt that was responsible for the shut down. Aloha, Mark
  18. P

    .308 problems

    Hi folks - I have reloaded a lot of .223 and .300BO. I got some once fired .308 and what a difference when resizing! These are REALLY tough in comparison to what I have loaded before. I am using full size RCBS dies, and also have some RCBS short case dies and having difficulty in getting them to...
  19. nwslopoke

    PM problems

    One for the Mods or staff. I cannot PM or start conversations due to a limit of 50. Can that be reset or extended?
  20. T

    Reading pressure signs/other problems

    I'm going to test my first 308 reloads this Saturday and I'm looking for good resources on reading pressure signs and other issues. There's tons of info on the internet just wondering if any of you have a recommended source. I know a little bit from reading manuals, forums, and watching youtube...
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