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    And We Think WE Have Problems....

    I had NO idea of what the people in So. Africa have to deal with....
  2. ma96782

    I thought that we had problems w/Big Tech

    https://nextshark.com/thailand-sparks-outrage-after-pornhub-ban/ OK, Ok, ok.....it was the Govt that was responsible for the shut down. Aloha, Mark
  3. P

    .308 problems

    Hi folks - I have reloaded a lot of .223 and .300BO. I got some once fired .308 and what a difference when resizing! These are REALLY tough in comparison to what I have loaded before. I am using full size RCBS dies, and also have some RCBS short case dies and having difficulty in getting them to...
  4. N

    Answered  PM problems

    One for the Mods or staff. I cannot PM or start conversations due to a limit of 50. Can that be reset or extended?
  5. T

    Reading pressure signs/other problems

    I'm going to test my first 308 reloads this Saturday and I'm looking for good resources on reading pressure signs and other issues. There's tons of info on the internet just wondering if any of you have a recommended source. I know a little bit from reading manuals, forums, and watching youtube...
  6. T

    Anyone having problems with a Red Dot alaignement on a Ruger PC 9?

    I have an impression that the PC 9 has a slight cant to the left when mated to the receiver resulting in extended windage groups that the Vortex Crossfire can not correct. Placing a 9 mm laser in the PC 9 chamber looks like the barrel is offset to the left. The Ruger barrel/receiver adjustment...

    NEBO Flashlight Problems

    I recently bought my 6th NEBO LED light, the smaller ones (AA cells) for the nightstand, car, etc. ALL of them have had problems such as the red won't work, the white light won't stay on, or the light won't turn on at all. I sent one back to the company at my expense and they said they've had...
  8. T

    Any Farmers with pest problems

    Hello, I am looking for anyone with a barn or field with pigeon, Eurasian collared dove or rabbit problems within an hour of Portland. I have an air rifle so it will be quiet and safe. I also carry a garbage bag with me to pick up any trash I find too. Let me know if there are any questions...
  9. The Heretic

    Food - lockdowns are going to affect farmers if the lockdown continues

    A LOT of our food is harvested manually by hand. If the lockdowns continue, this will impact food harvests. You may want to acquire more food preps than you normally do.
  10. D

    OR HB4005 Firearm Storage vs Training Kids - problems?

    Hey, Reading through pending OR HB4005 on firearm storage and youth access, it looks like youth training classes and target shooting activities could be at risk. But maybe I'm not reading it properly...... https://olis.oregonlegislature.gov/liz/2020R1/Downloads/MeasureDocument/HB4005/A-Engrossed...
  11. Capn Jack

    Changed Browser, but underlying problems

    I changed browsers last night because, You Tube started warning me that it would soon pull the plug on support for my 32 bit Google Chrome. I downloaded a 32 bit version of FireFox and You Tube seemed to like that. I could go back to watching old WWII Russian Soaps.:p Then this morning, I...
  12. S

    Federal Black Pack 22lr ammo, anyone else having problems?

    I picked up 2200 rounds of this stuff on sale, and good lord... I've had more problems with this stuff than I've ever had with anything. Light strikes galore, often having to rechamber a round and strike it in a different spot, full on duds. This is in my TX22, in other pistols it's either...
  13. T

    Mega Problems With GF: Rabid AR 15...assault weapons.....

    After 5 years and her nearly moving in to my home in the next 2 months, the topic of the leftist's anti-america platform came up over dinner. The discussion evolved into the far left's goal to dismantle the 2nd A and her position that all "all assault weapons" should not be sold to civilians...
  14. Haftard

    17 hmr ammo problems

    So i toom out the ol 17 and slighted her in yesterday at English pit in vancover ... I shot 4 doffrent boxes of ammo ..the hornady 17g witch didnt shoot worth a damn ... The cci 20g that shot ok ... The winchester 20g didnt shoot at all tho ... Only 3 outta 5 shots would go off if i was lucky...
  15. Fieryotaku

    Having trouble with a time frame a business gave me.

    I went to a business which shall be left unnamed and dropped off 2 firearms for work one was a laser stipple and the other was a cerakote job. I was told 1-1.5 weeks for the stipple and 4-6 for the cerakote. I am now 3 weeks in on the stipple job and so far they haven't even gotten to the...
  16. pinne65

    AR cycling problems

    Just put together my first AR the other week. My first outing went flawlessly cycling wise. .223 55gr, 5.56 55gr, 62gr, 68gr, 75gr. I cleaned everything after that first outing; bore, chamber, bcg, charging handle.... But when I went out today, cycling of 55gr was sporadic. Bolt would mostly...
  17. F

    Problems with brand new winchester brass

    Just curious to see if anybody else has had these issues besides me... I bought a brand new bag of Winchester 7mm Rem Mag brass to do some reloading and development since I got a new rifle and it is time to see what it wants to diet on. I was going through and inspecting my brass as I was...
  18. B

    I-1639: Gosh, you mean there might be some problems??

    Why didn't somebody bring this up before???:rolleyes: Oh, right... And this article isn't even addressing the fact that the BGC are supposed to be done at least annually, for life... DOL alone is getting 10 new staffers...:rolleyes: How much will that cost? I-1639, federal changes reshape...
  19. ment2miss

    Problems with TAC-CON USA

    Hello, Im having a BIG problem with Tac-con usa. I bought one of their 3mr triggers. The trigger broke the first time I shot it, on the second round. I emailed(i think on a friday/saterday) tac-con and told them about the break, they emailed me back early in the week. They said to send it back...
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