Newbie, newb, noob, n00b or nub is a slang term for a novice or newcomer, or somebody inexperienced in a profession or activity. Contemporary use can particularly refer to a beginner or new user of computers, often concerning Internet activity, such as online gaming or Linux use.The origin of this term is uncertain. Earliest uses probably date to late twentieth century United States Armed Forces jargon, though possible precursor terms are much earlier. Variant forms of the noun include newby and newbie, while the related term noob (often stylized as "n00b") is often used in online gaming.

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  1. J

    AK noob, looking for suggestions

    Pretty content with my collection. I am still thinking of grabbing a 7.62x39 last minute. Did a little research and have shot them in the past, but looking for a little guidance on what’s good. What I read was arsenal (probably out of my spending range) zastava, psa gf3 are kind of the ones to...
  2. Rothbard

    Awkward intro from a noob in PDX

    I’m a longtime casual shooter from the SF Bay Area who recently moved to Portland. I joined the forum to get connected with events, to hopefully find a reloading class or tutor, and occasionally buy or sell stuff. I don’t shoot often anymore, mostly due to ammo prices. I usually hit the pistol...
  3. Grendelhunter

    Fly fishing noob

    Looking for suggestions for fly fishing places for a very green (never fly fished) fly fisherman.......... Snohomish county.
  4. Yarome

    AR 7.62x39 Noob

    Completely new territory for me and there doesn't seem to be a lot of previous info posted on the forum. I would be interested in any insights, quirks, tips & tricks, or performance suggestions anyone might have. OR, simply sharing your own builds. I purchased a pre-assembled upper, on a whim...
  5. F

    Noob from Twin Falls, Id.

    just want to talk about guns and game in America, nothin' fancy
  6. Hueco

    Which AR cal, noob Reloader

    I’ve got a builder kit coming with a 9” hand guard and I’m wanting to do an SBR. My OG thought was to do a ~9” 300blk with a suppressor for some light, maneuverable, quiet(ish) fun. But, before committing to anything, am asking all y’all what caliber shorty AR you would build or avoid? The...
  7. tac

    1898 Carl Gustaf m/96 rifle - noob in charge.....

  8. WestCoastEOD

    NWFA Noob with a pile of reloading supplies to get rid of.

    KO here from Cowlitz County WA area. Retired Navy EOD guy doing General Contracting, Handyman and Real Estate work, plus a little firearms fundamentals training to my AB&B guests on my outdoor, sheltered steel range. A recent job involved trading labor to clean out 3 Tuff Sheds in exchange...
  9. Gootz

    BG380 trigger kit installation - Help this noob

    When it comes to gunsmithing, I'm definitely a noob. However, I'm very handy and usually can work through projects as long as I have a video or good enough directions. I'm looking at swapping out the atrocious trigger on my BG380 with this Galloway kit...
  10. SGMDave

    Reloading Manual Suggestions (noob)

    Brand new to the reloading game and need some pointers. Looking to reload shotgun for trap/sporting clays and hunting. What is a decent manual to start with? Much appreciate any and all advice. -Dave
  11. wwallacebrown

    Reloading Noob Looking for Advice

    Hi Guys, I'm really just getting into reloading and welcome any advice. Please don't laugh but I'm using a Lee Loader for right now (balling on a budget). Here's what I have so far: For now, I just started with a ladder test to see what works. I have yet to actually fire any of them (hoping...
  12. 6gunslinger

    Advice wanted for silencing a Beretta 92

    Y'all have probably heard it all before but I was unable to find conclusive answers for these questions... First off lets assume I've already found the perfect ammunition to use for the set up and that the factory barrel has already been threaded. I'm thinking of getting a 6" silencer for my...
  13. Tht_guy_josh

    Please help a noob

    Hey guys im getting ready for black friday and id like to start reloading im curious to what all i need from the research ive done the list i have to order is Lee 9mm 3 piece carbide set The lee hand press Lee hand prime A scale A de primer and a trimmer Calipers Is there anything else i plan...
  14. S

    New Noob

    Hey all- Just joined after hearing about your fine forum from another forum. I live in Everett and primarily hunt Blacktail in the San Juan islands. Its been a great year so far, lots of BIG animals around, and our group has a couple few more tags to fill this coming late season. I carry a .45...
  15. elparquito


    Seattle native here with a like passion for firearms, shooting, hunting, and fishing. I have a heavy IT background and am a moderator/admin over at a local NW fishing site. I have a trust for my collection, which includes Class II cans. I'm always interested in buying, trading, selling, so am...
  16. 2thdrglock

    Total noob rifle question...

    What is the advantage to buying a rifle kit and then a "stripped" lower receiver and building it? Also is the stripped lower removed from another rifle? Is it like building a Poylmer 80 "Glock 19" that you are not required to register or have a serial number? Thanks. Sorry for the dumb...
  17. CRBMoA

    A thank you and a couple of observations from a nOOb

    Yeah, I would probably click just to see what nut job is gonna rattle on about tonight, LOL! First, thank you to the entire board for sharing so many perspective and experiences here. Today was notable, because it wasn’t. I had another gig today - subbed in a Veteran’s Band at a county fair...
  18. CRBMoA

    nOOb question with advanced apology

    Hello All, This is a great place - so much to learn! Hypothetical question: A guy should probably be able to look this up, but for reasons, both personal and professional regarding the sudden passing of a family member/business partner, let's just say he will be making a trip to the...
  19. A

    Brass Short in Dillon Case Gauge

    very new to reloading metallic cased ammo. i have 2 calipers one digital and one dial caliper both are good quality and both read very close. my dilemma is that if i trim my .223 brass to 1.75 and drop them into my Dillon chamber gauge they are short. should i trim to fit the chamber gauge and...
  20. mattnorthwest

    New From Washington County!

    Mid-20s lifelong Washington County resident, soon to be first-time gun owner. Generally a tech nerd, looking forward to breaking away from the screens more often and get outdoors.
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