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  1. T

    Build Thread  Beretta Stampede conversion question

    I want to convert a Stampede from transfer bar to a 4 click pin on hammer revolver. As far as I can see it's a Uberti friendly parts gun, and there are old style pinned hammers available at places. The Stampede has a bushing in the pin hole in the frame with a springed pin. I'm just wondering...
  2. ZigZagZeke

    Build Thread  AR kits?

    So I won the NWFA raffle again. This time it was a stripped AR lower with an NWFA logo. Now I need a rifle kit to go with it. The last one I put together was a PSA 16" kit. I'm looking for the usual, excellent and cheap. :) Who's got recommendations, or maybe a kit, or parts they want to...
  3. oldschoolhemi

    Build Thread  M1 Garand what’s the best shooter?

    Lately I’ve been wanting to get into M1 Garands. My Dad carried one in Africa in 1942 for sure, maybe in Italy too, but might have transitioned to M1 Carbine by then. 8th Army Combat Engineers. Anyway, if I wanted to have the best shooter, all things being the same in regards to condition...
  4. trevi

    Build Thread  Buy or Build ( LA 6.5 Creedmoor)

    Hello all, So I have a friend who is the kind of person to have only one gun, which happens to be a 30+ year old Remington 700 in 30-06. He does not like to shoot it due to recoil but he actually shoots it well, shot-group wise, though re-acquiring his target is always off. He comes to me and...
  5. J

    Cascade 22lr

    Anybody ever use Cascade 22lr (made in Mexico) in a semi pistol? Have a chance at some, but internet reviews are so-so.
  6. orygun

    Build Thread  Not really a build, but I just ordered a Boyd's stock for my Ruger...

    Earlier this year when I bought an older Win 70 to freshen up and use, I looked into buying a new piece of wood for it. Long story short, Boyd's doesn't make a "Post War-Pre 64" model 70 stock. I found this out after perusing their options and was trying to place an order. I was really bummed. I...
  7. sagia308

    495 yards Swiss 308 Amax 168 gr verses 180gr speer

    Looks like I was still shooting to the right first four shots 168 grain Amax finally got it sided in with the 180 grain spear.
  8. Mark W.

    Scope suggestion for .35 Whelen built from Savage 111

    I am in the slow process of building a Bear and possibly Elk rifle Its a Savage 111 Trophy Hunter (accutrigger DBM) I will be putting a 22" long E.H. Shaw barrel chambered for .35 Whelen in a heavy magnum profile .700" muzzle. It will go into a Boyds Walnut checkered stock. I'm wondering if...
  9. cHaOsReX

    Those who have run an AR pistol long and hard, what's your experience? What would you change, what would you not?

    I'm planning an AR pistol build for next year. Looking to find out peoples' experiences with their AR pistols. If you were going to get another, replace the one(s) you have, what would you do differently, what wouldn't you change?
  10. Kiloseven

    Convert Stag Arms 10 round AR-15 mag to 20

    Have a Stag Arms Model 3 which came w/ a 10 round magazine. Is it practical to disassemble and turn it into a 20 round? TY.
  11. irierider

    Build Thread  Portland area (no ship) business that can centric thread AK barrel and engrave SBR info

    looking to SBR 2 rifles soon, I can chop and crown them, but looking to find a place to thread and engrave the 2 rifles. Dont want to deal with shipping and needs to be centric so I can run cans on it. Thanks
  12. A

    Build Thread  Diamondback AR barrel experiences.

    Anybody here have any experience with Diamondback AR barrels? Good, bad or ugly.
  13. osprey

    Build Thread  A 10.5” 458 Socom upper is finally in the works for me.

    After building a 16” rifle upper several years ago and realizing what a versatile and devastating round the 458 socom can be, I finally got the nudge I needed to complete a 10.5” pistol upper build. I have actually been collecting parts for a year or so as I come across good prices, but the...
  14. B

    G43 magazines

    Just a heads up... I installed the plus 2 HYVE mag extensions onto my G43 magazines and had a couple of issues. 1. I had to cut the center bump tabs off the magazines to get the extensions on. 2. The slot on the extensions is narrower then the lip on the mags and it shaved the lip down on both...
  15. gunshow715

    Build Thread  300 WSM ON ORDER

    Just ordered 300 wsm upper! Will share photos when it arrives. It's getting topped with the new Strike Eagle 5-25x56. Might type up a sperate piece just for the scope. GREAT VALUE!
  16. BrandonOR

    Build Thread  My First AR (with a little help from my friends)

    Hey guys finally finished up AR15, seems like forever since I started it but looking back at my purchase history it started June 7th. Serious thanks to @Reno @Five-0 for the advice and to @HA556 for hijacking his thread and @nativeo for the stock in the pay it forward thread. I added prices...
  17. C

    Build Thread  6.5 Grendel or 6.8 Rem SPC?

    Got my C7 stripped upper, and the CMMG "premium lower parts kit" today, here's how they look so far on the NWFA Anderson lower (thanks again @HA556 !) ; I will likely swap the tan trigger guard for the black one. I'm still figuring out which barrel/BCG. I can get a Faxon 12" 6.5 Grendel barrel...
  18. BlackSheepJ

    Build Thread  Problem with a new ar15 barrel

    So I'm hoping someone smarter than me can help with a problem I'm having. Just assembled a new rifle, using a 14.5" 1 in 8 twist polygonal 223 wylde barrel. Figured that would stabilize just about anything I wanted to shoot. Rifle has a pinned precision armament Efab, 1x6 trijicon optic and a...
  19. J

    Build Thread  Converting AR15 300aac pistol to piston

    I wanted to use Superlative Arms conversion kit for an ar15 pistol in 300aac; but their kit doesn't support 300aac. That leaves the Adam Arms kit. Before I go that route, I was wondering if anyone tried the superlative arms and got it working on a 300aac pistol? Or is there another option...
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