Build automation involves scripting or automating the process of compiling computer source code into binary code. Below is a list of notable tools associated with automating build processes.

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  1. D

    Build Thread  Magazine Grip (not capacity) Extensions For A 9mm Springfield Hellcat?

    I carry 147gr +p ammo while hiking. The grip length with the 10-round mag (even with the pinky extender) is smaller than I would like for follow-up shots with hotter loads. Are there legal mag extenders that can replace the OEM magazine baseplate? I'm not trying to alter the 10-round capacity...
  2. echo1

    Build Thread  A Few of My Most Favorite Rifles

    Hi fellas, These are most of the top tier of my milsurp stash: SVT40 FN49 - 7mm Venezuelan FN49 - 8mm Egyptian FN49 - 30-06 Belgian M1 Garand - Winchester Scrubbed SKS, black bolt, Alby bayo, fiberglass furniture Albanian SKS PAX
  3. Joe13

    Build Thread  Ruger Mark III - Best red dot mounting plate?

    So I’m not super fond of the stock option rail for mounting a Vortex Venom on my Ruger MK III and have found one that looks good but thought I’d ask before I commit to buying something. This is what I have found: $65 isn’t...
  4. echo1

    50 round 10/22 mags

    Hi Fellas, Has anyone used the 50 round drum mags and is there more than one manufacturer? I have a Scott Werks Thompson kit and have a couple GSG drums, bunch of 25s, but would like a straight drumfor esthetics. Thanks in advance, PAX
  5. arakboss

    JE Machine Glock Compatible LPKs Reviews?

    Has anybody used the Glock compatible LPKs from JE Machine, if so how was the quality and fit? I have found a kit available for around $38 shipped.
  6. RobMa

    Build Thread  What rail is this?

    What rail is this? At first, I thought it was the KAC RAS, but there are some extra holes on the top rail for heat dispersion...
  7. Roymil666

    Build Thread  Small frame 308?

    I'd like to build a small frame 308 lower and a few uppers eventually. Anyone have any experience with these. I know zev, pof, and dpms make variants; but there doesn't seem to be much consensus regarding these. I've built dozens of ar15s and several large frame 308s so the building isn't the...
  8. S

    Build Thread  1913 stock options

    About to pull the trigger on a Minifix or a SPR 300. I have and MPX with a Kate moss, MCX with a Sig extending stock, and a Sig Cross. What are some other options for folding 1913 stocks with adjustable comb and length of pull?
  9. echo1

    Build Thread  Bubba and the .22

    Bubbas work never done. Here's an old group picture of most of Bubbas semi .22s. On the bottom is an AR7. They have a poor reputation with feeding issues, which is from folks using the mag as a rest. On mine, I put a strip of sticky backed Velcro on the bottom of the mag well, to keep slight...
  10. monkeybutler

    Build Thread  6.5 G bolt action

    This one has been some time in the works. The barrel took 9 months to show up because I ordered a bunch of custom features. Specs Grayboe Trekker lightweight (~26 oz) in GAP splash camo + M5 DBM Zermatt Origin action, PPC bolt head Criterion 16.25" 6.5 Grendel barrel, stainless, nitride...
  11. Yarome

    Build Thread  Bummer! Extra work for nothing - Dust cover

    Something to be aware of if you have older stock AP uppers. I had planned on doing a partial tear down and rebuild to swap out a gas block, change a FF handguard and strip the flip up sights and red dot to mount a scope. All well and good, but as an afterthough I figured, why not upgrade to a...
  12. F

    Build Thread  CANIK SFX RIVAL mag question

    So anyone know the deal with the Canik SFX Rival and magazine compatibility ? I'm told Canik MA2240 is the new magazine but old ones TP9 MA548 ..... I keep hearing many different things. The SFX Rival magwell does it allow older mags ? If I add Taylor Freelance base plates will that effect...
  13. 2gr8dgs

    Build Thread  Dedicated 22 upper

    So I got the itch to get a 22/ar15 the other day. I went to look at the S&W M&P 15/22. I am certain it's a fine running gun, Just a little too much plastic for me. Went home & did a little research on what it takes to build one. I ordered a cmmg conversion kit w/3 25rnd mags, A cmmg dedicated...
  14. Benelli1776

    Build Thread  Bipod Recommendations

    Been looking at Accu-Tac bipods for pic mount (BR-4 G2 and SR-5 G2). What is your experience with them? Good or bad. Altas looks, but I’m looking for the best. My application is plinking/ target shooting. Edit: Backstory. I am a complete noob to bipods and this thread shows it. You will see...
  15. arakboss

    Building A Homemade Firearm Like Shockwave or Tac14.

    Could a homemade smooth bore firearm with shorter than 18" barrel be legally made using a fresh AR15 receiver? If so, what grips would be ideal for this configuration?
  16. bentoncity

    Build Thread  Moriarti Armaments 80% lower AR10 Defective

    We finally machined the 80% AR10. Turns out the fire/safety detent hole is drilled at an angle preventing the fire/safe selector switch from operating correctly. We drilled the selector switch hole in the jig (EasyJIg Gen2) and it's perfect. The fire/safe detent hole from the mfg is drilled at...
  17. Roymil666

    300 Blackout Optic Ideas

    I'm trying to decide on a new optic for a suppressed 300blk pistol. I am currently running a Sig Bravo4 with the 300blk horseshoe reticle but I want to try another option. I'm mainly looking for another fixed power option that I can supplement with a red dot. The Vortex 5x prism is an option...
  18. A

    Build Thread  Finished my 17L

    I've been working on my build since last week, first frame I definitely messed up so it got cut into a bunch of small pieces.(locking block was out of spec also) Literally praying this works out well, first build and I'm hoping it will run well. I've read these have a break in period of 100-200...
  19. Roymil666

    Build Thread  New 300blk Barrel

    So I'm in need of a new barrel since the Rainier Ultramatch Mod2 I was going to use had messed up threads and apparently so does the rest of their batch currently. I'm looking for a 300 blackout barrel, mid-high tier quality, 9-10.5", .750 gas block diameter. I'm currently looking at BCM...
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