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Tumbler may refer to:

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  1. A

    Need advice on dry media and additives for rcbs vibratory case cleaner

    Edit: I just picked up a rcbs vibratory case cleaner. I am looking at purchasing some lyman tufnut for my first media purchase. Any advice on other media options, additives or techniques would be appreciated. I am not concerned with having that new super polished brass look. I just want clean...
  2. 9mm guy

    Does anyone clean the stainless steel pins/media itself?

    I have the Frankford Arsenal wet tumbler that I use to clean my brass. It uses the stainless steel pins. It's worked great for the past couple of years but I've noticed that on occasion, the brass doesn't have that shine like it used to when it comes out of the tumbler. I'm not sure if this...
  3. Dungannon

    $127.34 @ Amazon for Frankford wet tumbler

    I've been waiting awhile for this to drop more than $10 in price.
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