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A pocket is a bag- or envelope-like receptacle either fastened to or inserted in an article of clothing to hold small items. Pockets may also be attached to luggage, backpacks, and similar items. In older usage, a pocket was a separate small bag or pouch.

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  1. 2

    Sig P238 / Colt Mustang <> 380 <> Pocket Holster <> Needing Suggestions

    Those of you who pocket carry these little 380 auto pistols, I'm in need of a holster. There are LOTS of them out there to look at, and several are tempting to my lure. I'd rather not play the buy it/try it game. I have not decided if I want to carry front pants pocket, or rear..like a wallet...
  2. CHLChris

    Hey, anybody pocket carry a Sig P365?

    I'm having a tough time finding folks who pocket carry a P365. Does it work for you? For normal pocket carry uses, with dress-up type clothes, I've found that I need to carry a Kahr P380 (a Ruger LCP would fit the bill, too) to be small enough for comfort. I even sold off a Kahr PM9 and CM9...
  3. Reno

    Cool pocket black powder derringer!

    Old meets new. Definitely different. Maybe it will get put into @AndyinEverson concealment rotation. I bet Californians are stoked they will be able to conceal something finally.
  4. grapo13

    Pocket Holsters

    Did a quick search and came up with nothing. Picked up a new p365 and am looking for recommendations for a pocket holster. Carried my nano with a borai eagle kydex which was ok, but found the gun printed badly depending on the pants I wore. Any recommendations?
  5. Alvrez

    Primer pocket tightener?

    I have some brass for 6.5 creedmoor, 300aac, and 5.56 that is essentially good re-useable brass except the primers almost fall out. Does anyone know of a tool to shrink (AKA tighten) the primer pockets?
  6. RicInOR

    Advice sought: EDC Chest Pocket Flashlight AAA

    I had since about 2012 a "4Sevens Preon 1, R5, Flashlight; Black; 70 OTF lumens; 1xAAA" apparently no longer available, least not where I have been looking. I misplaced this little guy whose location has been my shirt pocket for the past 6 years. :( What can I get as a similar...
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