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  1. jaytee0115

    Assorted Holsters for Glock 43, HK VP9, S&W Shield, M&P 9C and FS

    Various holsters for sale (will strike through or make red if sold): A1 - M&P 9c (Original) TucTite Ascent AIWB Holster - $30 A2 - M&P 9C (Original) Safariland 6368 ALS Holster - $20 B1 - S&W Shield 9 Desantis Tuckable Holster - $20 B2 - S&W Shield 9 Galco KingTuk Holster - $30 B3 - S&W...
  2. hairpinleft

    Sig Sauer SP2022 9mm Magazines and Holsters

    8 Sig Factory SP2022 15 round 9mm magazines, $20.00 each IMI Defense Z-1290 right-handed roto-holster $20.00 Focus SP11B right-handed paddle holster $5.00 I can be reached directly at Five-Zero-Three-Eight-Zero-Seven-Eight-Seven-Eight-Nine I live in Tigard and my preferred meeting location is...
  3. washagonian

    Kahr CM9 - 9mm

    Kahr CM9 - 9mm (Two factory 6-round mags, One factory 8-round mag) $275.00 Not interested in trades. Fiber-optic front sight Kydex IWB holster Pachmayr rubber grips Pinky extension on one mag Lakeline, LLC metal follower in one mag Factory trigger guard lock Original box Excellent pocket...
  4. L

    WTS OR  Glock Holsters

    Price includes seller shipping via USPS/Paypal only G48 Vedder Paddle Kydex, new, unused - SOLD G48 Winthrop leather slide, new, unused - $20 G19 OWB Kydex slide, used, vg condition - $20 G42 Vedder Pocket Locker, new, unused - $30 G42 Glock '$30' IWB holster, new, unused - $20
  5. Erik PDX

    HK VP9 | 4 MAGS | 2 HOLSTERS

    Hey, thanks for looking! I have a nice condition HK VP9 for sale or trade. It’s a fantastic shooter and perfectly reliable. It comes with 4 standard capacity HK mags, a JM Custom Kydex AIWB holster ($100) that makes this gun very comfortable to conceal, and a kydex OWB holster. I also have the...
  6. S

    WTS OR  Mags, Holsters, and chest rig

    Selling off stuff I don't need. AR mags and chest rig are sold. Galco hk p30 leather holster (great shape) - $50 Hk brand p30 paddle holster - $25 Sig tec brand double, double stack mag holster - $20 Stock AR parts : Pistol grip -$5 Handguard - $5 Buttstock - $10 Willing to ship for the cost...
  7. DB Wesner

    I'm surrounded by holsters...

    I just went through a bunch of gun trades and noticed that I probably had 2-3 holsters for every pistol I own, some I don't even remember ordering. Is there a better way that anyone has found to get the right holster on the first attempt? Even when I search it seems all the reviews are just...
  8. GS Pilot

    (2) Holsters for 1911 w/ Surefire X200

    I got these included with a pistol purchase here recently. I'm a TLR user and these won't accommodate my current light. The Safariland is designed for a 1911 with SureFire X200 light, and labeled as such. I'm ASSUMING that the G-Code Holster fits the same weapon, but I can't confirm since there...
  9. DB Wesner


    Doing some research for a holster that could be used when exercising outdoors, found this video to give a couple helpful ideas. Thought I'd pass it along... 5 Concealed Carry Holsters for Exercising (VIDEO)
  10. lkdr1989

    WTS OR  LaRue MBT Trigger, Glock 26/27 holsters

    LaRue Tactical MBT-2S Trigger, NIB SOLD to GOG, save on shipping! IWB Holsters for Glock 26/27 TT Gunleather, black $50 Big River Leather, dark brown/cordovan $50
  11. L84Cabo

    PSA: Darkstar Muzzle Pad For AIWB Holsters

    I'm not affiliated in any way, I just thought this might be useful to some who appendix carry...particularly if your holster didn't come with a wedge or you're looking to replace an exiting open cell foam wedge with a closed cell wedge (that doesn't absorb sweat/water). The benefits of a wedge...
  12. safarisam

    Concealed Carry Holsters for Full Sized Guns

    Hey, everybody! I recently bought myself a Sig P226. Of course it isn’t the typical choice for a concealed carry gun, but I prioritize the qualities of a full sized all metal gun and am willing to overcome the difficulties of carrying it. I wanted to reach out and see if anyone has any...
  13. DB Wesner

    Leather Holsters are outdated.

    So I went into my LGS on my way home last night and overheard a conversation, the 20-something's proclamation the "Leather Holsters are outdated" just sounded off to me. However on my way way it got me to thinking and of the 20 or so holsters I have, only 2 are leather. So as the statement...
  14. H

    Orygun Holsters custom kydex owb holster-$10

    This used to be a holster for a glock 21, i attempted to mold it to another gun without much luck. The kydex and hardware are still good, so if you know how to work kydex this would probably be a good base for something. Or best offer
  15. H

    TR Holsters glock 19 w/ surefire x400 iwb holster-$20

    High quality custom kydex iwb holster from TR Holsters for a glock 19 equipped with a surefire x400 weaponlight. Or best offer
  16. 31Kwiredog

    Left handed Holsters

    I have a bunch of left handed holster. Some are right or left but-most of them are left-handed. 4 are for HK P30 all Lefthanded Two are for the Ruger SR22 Lefthanded One is a shoulder holster for a revolver. Lefthanded $50 for all