The FN FNS pistol is a series of striker-fired semi-automatic, polymer-framed pistols manufactured in Fredericksburg, Virginia, by FN America, a division of Fabrique Nationale Herstal. The pistol is chambered for the 9×19mm Parabellum and .40 S&W cartridges.

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  1. L84Cabo

    Video: Sgt. John A Chapman, Medal of Honor Recipient, Posthumously

    I've seen pieces of this video before but not one that is so complete and the narration really helps. But maybe it's out there and I missed it. The footage, however, is incredible! It was taken from a Predator drone and is supposedly the first recorded action of a MoH recipient. WATCH...
  2. L84Cabo

    Video: Taco Bell Customer Gets The Crap Beat Out of Him By The Employees

    As if we really needed another reason to NOT eat at Taco Bell... Dude complains about a 45 minute wait time for tacos. Apparently they had an excess of Grub Hub orders. Several employees hop the counter, follow the guy out of the store and beat up him and his girlfriend...who wasn't even in...
  3. L84Cabo

    Video: FNS Pistols Inadvertently Discharging

    I don't recall seeing this posted here but please forgive me if it already has. There's a 6+ minute video at the below link detailing Baltimore County PD's and Arizona DPS's, FNS pistols going off when they shouldn't. And from the video it appears that they can go off pretty easily. :s0001...
  4. L

    National  FN FNS voluntary recall 12/2018

    Learned this from another site. See here for info and to check if you are affected: FNS Service Bulletin | FN® There is a problem with the FNS line. Baltimore police have run into the issue with accidental discharges. Underlying story: Baltimore County spending $1.4M to replace FNS-40...
  5. arakboss

    FNS pistol fans, if you own the FNS 9 and FNS 40 could you do a barrel swap for fitment check?

    I have read that a factory FNS 9mm barrel will fit and function in a FNS 40 slide. If anyone reading this owns both the FNS 9 and FNS 40 would you please check and see if the 9mm barrel fits in your FNS40 slide allows you to rack the slide as normal? I am reluctant to buy a factory 9mm barrel...
  6. fmiller

    FNS trigger work - need gunsmith

    Recently picked up a 5" FNS, and while I like it a lot the trigger has a lot of room for improvement. There is a place in NV that offers reducing the travel and lightening the trigger itself to about 4lbs for $200. This seems a bit steep to me. Can any of you chime in? And does anyone know...
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