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Stoner or Stoners may refer to:

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  1. DirectDrive

    Eugene Stoner Video

    The Captain's Journal » Eugene Stoner: The Man Behind The Gun
  2. CountryGent

    Stoner 63, 63A, & Mk23: History and Mechanics

    Pretty interesting from a mechanical standpoint. Just thought I'd pass along the vid. Cheers.
  3. DirectDrive

    The Stoner 63

  4. CountryGent

    Brownells' Retro AR10s & Ar15s

    Kind of neat-o.
  5. Larrytpdx

    Eugene Stoner Died On This Day April 24, 1997

    * Father of the AR15 * November 22, 1922 – April 24, 1997 * *
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