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Buster Beaver Cerakote
A hatchet (from the Old French hachete, a diminutive form of hache, 'axe' of Germanic origin) is a single-handed striking tool with a sharp blade on one side used to cut and split wood, and a hammer head on the other side. Hatchets may also be used for hewing when making flattened surfaces on logs; when the hatchet head is optimized for this purpose it is called a broadaxe.
A hatchet should not to be confused with a hand axe, which is a small axe meant to be used with one hand. Technically, a hatchet has a hammer head on the back side. A hand axe, like a normal axe, has a broad flat area on the back side.
Hatchets have a variety of uses, such as tasks normally done by a pocket knife when one is not present. The hatchet can also be used to create a fire through sparks and friction. Hatchet throwing is increasing in popularity.
Burying the hatchet has become a phrase meaning to make peace, due to the Native American tradition of hiding or putting away a tomahawk when a peace agreement was made.
  1. 2Wheels4Ever

    Rescue Hatchet Project.

    I found this poor little guy at a garage sale. $.50 later and a bit of elbow grease and I think it's ready for a handle! This case hardened pattern is not easy to get on camera. The colors really dance around though. After this is finished up, I'll need to make a matching bird and trout...
  2. JohnnyMac

    GGWG vs man with hatchet....

    Surprised this made it to the local rag, but apparently a GGWG saved a few lives. Hatchet-swinging attacker shot and killed by customer at 7-11
  3. awshoot

    Oregon  ‘I’m sorry. I’ll leave:’ Oregon robber surrenders hatchet to clerk with gun, video shows

    LOL ‘I’m sorry. I’ll leave:’ Oregon robber surrenders hatchet to clerk with gun, video shows
  4. B

    Bury the hatchet...

    .....whether in the head or in the ground tomahawks, trade axes, and their association with the frontier, have always held a sort of fascination with me. Many of you are probably aware of this site but if not it might be worth your time for a look: FUR TRADE AXES AND TOMAHAWKS
  5. gun.deals

    Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Hatchet - $17.99 + Free S/H over $25

    Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Hatchet - $17.99 + Free S/H over $25
  6. gesasky

    Need a couple axes sharped...

    Do yall know of anyone in the central Oregon area who can/will sharpen axes? I have a couple of old Gransfors Bruks axes that need a new edge. Any help or suggestions are appreciated!
  7. Steve32

    Show your hatchets/axes

    I don't see any thread for axes. Here is what I got. First I was thinking of buying Fiskars, but this one had just as good reviews. Also, the Trial Boss has some serious Viking look and style, the Fiskars is maybe also good, but I wouldn't be too proud to own one of those. :)
  8. RicInOR

    HBO Real Sports - Hatchet Job on the MSR

    Just aired last night. Clearly an attack piece. http://www.hbo.com/real-sports-with-bryant-gumbel
  9. AirResq

    Another Good CHL Story - Customer shoots masked, hatchet-wielding attacker in Burien 7-Eleven

    "About 5:45 a.m., a masked man about 40 years old walked into a 7-Eleven store near South 110th Street and Eighth Avenue South and swung a hatchet at a customer, said King County Sheriff’s Sgt. Cindi West. The man then went behind the counter and attacked the 58-year-old clerk, never saying...
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