ATN is the Sydney flagship television station of the Seven Network in Australia. The licence, issued to a company named Amalgamated Television Services, a subsidiary of John Fairfax & Sons, was one of the first four licences (two in Sydney, two in Melbourne) to be issued for commercial television stations in Australia. It began broadcasting on 2 December 1956.
The station formed an affiliation with GTV-9 Melbourne in 1957, in order to share content. In 1963, Frank Packer ended up owning both GTV-9 and TCN-9, so as a result the stations switched their previous affiliations. ATN-7 and HSV-7 joined to create the Australian Television Network, which later became the Seven Network. ATN-7 is the home of the national level Seven News bulletins.

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  1. thorborg

    ATN X-Sight 4K Pro Smart Day/Night Scope, opines on value

    Anyone able recommend or compare to others in similar price range or less, the 6- 800 dollar ATN X-Sight 4K Pro Smart Day/Night Scope. Being completely inexperienced and unfamiliar with such things, I was looking for some discussion on quality, value effectiveness, also geared toward user...
  2. R

    atn night patriot accessories needed !

    looking for accessories to mount my atn night patriot on a rifle or need headgear for hand's free
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