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  1. evolDiesel

    SIG SAUER 2022 Oregon Optics Match Tooled by R & R Targets at TCGC AUG 20, 2022

    Hey guys, I'm putting down a 9-stage, 1-day major USPSA match at TCGC on 8/20/2022. It's an Optics Championship. Sample stage design attached. Because this is my first year it's half price and it's technically a Level 1 Match which means you don't have to be a USPSA member to shoot it. That...
  2. Helocat

    Shot a Flintlock shotgun today at TCGC!

    Bill if you're on here, thank you man for letting me shoot your incredible flintlock shotgun. Was at TCGC this AM taking advantage of the $10 FFL transfers the club started offering this year. Bought a great firearm from a form member. After the transfer, the Club Officer that did the...
  3. T22

    Sporting Clays at TCGC

    Went for a quick tour at TCGC the other day, I was very impressed with the overall facility. I just had a general question about the sporting clays range. I’m wondering how the clays work with trap/skeet. It seems like they occupy the same space and clays has to give way to the other...
  4. cHaOsReX

    TCGC ride sharing?

    I live in the Aloha/Beaverton area. I am going to the TCGC new member orientation tonight (and super excited about it). I do not currently have a vehicle and would like to see if I can get on people's radar who live in or pass by my area when they go to shoot at TCGC if they have room for me...
  5. RVNvet

    TCGC members: $10.00 total firearm transfer fee

    I've been a member of the Tri County Gun Club for many years, and just today found out we can transfer guns at the club for only the $10.00 state fee. Either the transferor or transferee must be a member of the club—not necessarily both. Transfers are done on certain dates—logon to the club's...
  6. SageRatSafaris

    Shot my first 600 yard match at TCGC

    I'm a new member at TCGC and fairly new to competitions. I shot my first 600-yard match on Tuesday, and had a great time. I will be back. I was pretty nervous as the new guy, but everyone was super friendly, super helpful, and glad that I was there. I just got back from a shooting trip and had...
  7. Funkmaster Phat

    Practical rifle at TCGC

    Good morning, several years ago I shot practical rifle for about a year and had a blast. I want to come back out and shoot some more! I’m no longer a member of Tri-County and wasn’t sure if I was able to attend matches? On the site it says events are not open to the public but I read...
  8. spookshack

    Looking for info about Speed Steel @ TCGC?

    Well you came to the wrong place. In the past I have gone out of my way to help fellow members here on the forum in any way I could with regards to Speed Steel at TCGC, but that ends today. While I have enjoyed doing that in the past, it's become time consuming and not currently worth the hassle...
  9. spookshack

    Speed Steel @ TCGC 8-6

    Looks to be a hot one! Don't forget your sunscreen and be sure to stay hydrated! See you there.
  10. RicInOR

    Speed Steel at Tri County Gun Club

    7 - 2 Sunday Weather looks to be cooperating Family Friendly – Oregon Speed Steel
  11. Snellvis

    TCGC Multi-gun

    Wondering if any of you have taken part in the multi gun match at Tri-County. Does it last from 9-4? Friendly for first timers? Round counts accurate on the TCGC website? Any other feedback is appreciated. Thanks. Rod
  12. R

    Action range certification at Tri-County

    Has anyone gone through the action range certification process at Tri-County recently? If so, I'd like to hear your thoughts or opinions. Do you know when they hold the classes? The website does not have information nor does the newsletter. I looked at...
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