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See you there...
I think I'll try something different this month...
Leave the 10/22 home, and bring a 9mm handgun with iron sites.
Probably my CZ p-09
Looking forward to it...
Bring ear and eye protection
5 mags, and a case for your gun
Plenty of ammo (200 rounds if carbine, 300 if pistol. 400 if you suck)
Sign in around 8:30, safety meeting 9, begin shooting 9:15, done about 1
Although you should take no pleasure in beating an old man who hasn't done this before.
Hey, what do I'll be just one of several who post better times than me. Go for it...

...I dare ya, punk
Haven't seen you for awhile, Matt...
Will you be dropping some goose turds at the match tomorrow?

Nope. My mom is doing poorly and the kids and are going to go down to visit for the week leaving tomorrow.

My wife has the patience for me to really do one regular shooting thing and for me that just has to be 600yard benchrest, {shooting with Mike Rood) so I haven't been to steel now in over a year. on 600 yard BR, I started in the low 160s last year and ended in the low 190s. This year started in the low 190s and am up into the 197,198 range with 10-12x.... which puts me about 15th in the group. :-(

Last year the guy that won the medal for the discipline dropped fewer 10s in ALL HIS TARGETS than I did in the very best single target I shot. Those guys are REALLY good and the 600 range is hard, the wind comes down and swirls around like a toilet. Very hard to read.

My son and I go to Doug Ridge once a quarter for their rimfire challange which is speed steel. He loves that. Fewer people and less pressure there which is really good for him.

My el cheapo unaltered 10/22 Always ends up being the group rifle for all the guys whose customized race guns stop working half way through. :)

Maybe after 600 ends beginning of September I will come by.

It was always a pleasure and a learning experience shooting with you John. I really appreciate how welcoming you (and everyone) on the crew is.
Best wishes for your mom. Sorry she's not doing well...that's no bueno.
Sounds like the long-distance game is treating you well. I don't have the patience, or skills, to spend big money to make small holes but I respect those that do and can.
Glad you and your boy are enjoying some range time together, too.
Hope to see you in the action bays sometime soon.
Thank you so much for that. I love helping people when I can. Glad you remember and enjoyed it.

I didn't like ARs at first either but they grow on you. At this point I'd say everyone needs one at least.

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