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Tri-County Mall is located at the interchange of State Route 747 and Interstate 275 in the city of Springdale, Ohio, a northern suburb of Cincinnati. Originally known as Tri-County Shopping Center, it was the second open-air-type mall built in Greater Cincinnati; the first being Swifton Shopping Center, opened (in 1956) in the Bond Hill district of Cincinnati.
The 150 store superregional mall now has over 1,300,000 square feet (120,000 m2) of leasable space.

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  1. R

    Hunter Sight In - Tri-County Gun Club (September 2018)

    Yes Ladies & Gentlemen: Hunter Sight In days are back at Tri-County Gun Club. Come and sight in those rifles just in time for deer season. This event is open to the public. WHEN: September 15th, 16th, 22nd & 23rd TIME: 9:00am to 4:00pm all days WHERE: Tri-County Gun Club, 13050 SW Tonquin...
  2. JedB

    Tri-County Gun Club (OR) Multi-Gun 2/17

    Disregard Found the information: silly search function... <kicks rocks>
  3. FA9

    Cameras at tri-county gun range

    I was at the 100yd rifle range today and noticed cameras were installed. Talk about uncomfortable... When did they install them? Plus side though, they have wifi.
  4. raindog

    Oregon  Tri-County GC Election: What 'jeopardized' the club?

    I've been a Tri-County member for 10+ years. I'm the kind of member that pays his dues faithfully and goes shooting there about once a month, mostly to indoctrinate, er educate my nephews and cousins. I'm not really very active beyond that - typical middle-aged guy with a career and family and...
  5. RicInOR

    Tri-County Muzzle Rule Example Photo

    This photo is stolen from the web (a Washington State Match. ) Had it taken place at TC, the competitor would be enjoying a dilly-bar. If you know the shooter, I am not singling them out. Just grabbing an example. I am sure this was safe, and legal at the club where and when this photo...
  6. RicInOR

    Speed Steel at Tri County Gun Club

    7 - 2 Sunday Weather looks to be cooperating Family Friendly – Oregon Speed Steel
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