The Lia Fáil (Irish: [ˌl̠ʲiə ˈfˠaːlʲ]; meaning "Stone of Destiny" or "Speaking Stone" to account for its oracular legend) is a stone at the Inauguration Mound (Irish: an Forrad) on the Hill of Tara in County Meath, Ireland, which served as the coronation stone for the High Kings of Ireland. It is also known as the Coronation Stone of Tara. According to legend, all of the kings of Ireland were crowned on the stone up to Muirchertach mac Ercae, c. AD 500.

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  1. supersixone

    Anybody know where I can get a barrel changed on my Fal clone?

    I know reputable the companies out there but they generally won’t mess with enterprise fal receivers. I know technically I can do it myself at home but I was hoping for an experienced person who knows how to do it. Anyone have the gauges and locking shoulder pieces that can do this for me...
  2. osprey

    Moses Mags in inch pattern Fal

    Does anybody have any experience using the Moses machine works polymer Fal mags in an inch pattern rifle. They are supposedly made to work in both metric and inch pattern Fal rifles. It would be cool if it is indeed the case. Any relevant experience in this regard would be appreciated. I may...
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