Flintlock is a general term for any firearm that uses a flint striking ignition mechanism. The term may also apply to a particular form of the mechanism itself, also known as the true flintlock, that was introduced in the early 17th century, and rapidly replaced earlier firearm-ignition technologies, such as the matchlock, the wheellock, and the earlier flintlock mechanisms.
The true flintlock continued to be in common use for over two centuries, replaced by percussion cap and, later, the cartridge-based systems in the early-to-mid 19th century. Although long superseded by modern firearms, flintlock weapons enjoy continuing popularity with black-powder shooting enthusiasts.

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  1. ClearMach

    Novice enthusiast here to learn, share, and sell a pistol for my bro

    Hello everyone! I joined this forum to help out my brother, who wants to sell a pistol but is challenged to do anything on the internet because of autism and ADHD. I'm also new to the world of guns and shooting and eager to learn more from experienced gun enthusiasts. My brother and I grew up...
  2. CountryGent

    Manton's Waterproof Flintlock

    Interesting design. Though British in origin, it would have been just the ticket for Oregon too.
  3. Hueco

    Wood requirements for pistol?

    During my hiatus from firearms, I developed a strong hobby in woodworking. The idea of building a firearm is very appealing to me (would have to find a gunsmith to do the metalwork for me)...and what better than a set of dueling pistols? My first inclination is to do something to pair the set -...
  4. Sbarton

    Finished my first flintlock rifle!

    Thought I'd post a few pictures of my recently finished longrifle. It's a chambers kit in. 54 cal. 38" barrel, mostly curly maple stock. What a project! I've built a number of firearms, but this one has been the most satisfying, my 1911 being a close runner up. Now I'm just trying to work up...
  5. Helocat

    Shot a Flintlock shotgun today at TCGC!

    Bill if you're on here, thank you man for letting me shoot your incredible flintlock shotgun. Was at TCGC this AM taking advantage of the $10 FFL transfers the club started offering this year. Bought a great firearm from a form member. After the transfer, the Club Officer that did the...
  6. L

    Any thoughts on keeping a .32 flintlock bore clean in the field & range?

    Everyone, I have a : .32 Flintlock Pedersoli Kentucky rifle with a 32 " barrel and I can only get about 11-12 shots out of the barrel before the bore gets so tight I'm afraid I'll get a ball stuck part way down. I'm using Goex FFFg black powder. In the first outing I used pre-lubed patches...
  7. L

    Thoughts on cleaning a Flintlock without removing the barrel

    Greetings, Yesterday I picked up a Pedersoli flintlock in .32 caliber and the barrel seems "difficult" to remove for regular cleaning. It doesn't have wedges; it actually looks like the barrel was put in with finishing nails (I'll attach photos from the manufacture). With my old eyes...
  8. G8rHunter

    Introduction to Skeet, 5-stand, and Flintlock

    Today was literally a blast for me! I connected on this forum with roundball58, and he took me out to an outdoor shooting range. I have a little experience shooting a hand gun at a still target indoors, but I have never shot at a moving target before. I had to look online to have any idea about...
  9. tac

    Thos. Ketland breech-loading flintlock rifle

    @AndyinEverson - I saw this crie de coeur on a UK-based forum this afternoon - can you help him out? 'I saw a very interesting flintlock rifle the other day. It was a "Ketland" flintlock rifle made approximately 1780 according to the owner. It was a fine looking rifle and in very good...
  10. CountryGent

    Wilson's Lorenzoni Repeating Flintlock Musket

    Kind of a neat design; a seven-shot repeating flintlock in the 18th century. Better not let Gabby Giffords see it or she'll craft legislation to ban high-capacity assault muskets. ;)
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