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Well it was hot, but not a scorcher.
Managed about middle of the pack overall and 4th in Limited. BTW, there were 21 out of 55 shooters in Limited shooting today, wasn't expecting that! Lol
I did well on the first couple of stages and then not so great on the last two....I blame being tired and hot weather.
It couldn't possibly be my fault!
Well last time I brought my normal range bag that has a first aid kit but it was big and bulky so I brought a smaller back that only had my gun and mags in it. But I know next time I'll be better prepared.
What are these matches like? Is it one gun only or is it carbines? Do they go year round? How much ammo do I need? Where is it located at? Never done competitive shooting but I want to start getting into it! What is the info I need to know?

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