Walking (also known as ambulation) is one of the main gaits of locomotion among legged animals. Walking is typically slower than running and other gaits. Walking is defined by an 'inverted pendulum' gait in which the body vaults over the stiff limb or limbs with each step. This applies regardless of the number of limbs—even arthropods, with six, eight or more limbs, walk.

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  1. Joe Link

    Other State  Students walk out of Colorado school shooting vigil, saying their trauma was being politicized

    Students walk out of Colorado school shooting vigil, saying their trauma was being politicized
  2. The Heretic

    Other State  Students walk out of 'vigil'

    Students walk out of Colorado school shooting vigil, saying their trauma was being politicized They learned a lesson - at least some did anyway. What did they expect from something put on by the Brady Campaign? That they would let an opportunity like this pass without pushing for gun control...
  3. ob1

    Other State  So how did Sol Pais walk out with a 12 gauge in Colorado?

    Could it be the NICS system needs a little fine tuning ? She showed ID and filled out a 4473.... which means she went through the system. With a high level alert out for her, why did NICS give her a pass ? I would think that the local FBI field offices involved would put an automatic hold on...
  4. CountryGent

    Spring in the air .... plans?

    I went for a short walk during the lunch hour and it kind of felt like Spring in the air. I got to thinking about plans, firearms/outdoors or otherwise, for when the weather clears. Granted, knowing Oregon weather, that may be still some time off. Do you have any shooting, hunting, or fun...
  5. F

    Anybody Interested in a good walk in the woods/Coyote Hunting around Cougar WA

    There is an area around Cougar WA that I have been eyeballing on the Google Satellite. Supposed to get some decent weather here on Tuesday or Wednesday. Contemplating trying to get out and take a shot in the dark. Worst case scenario it is a nice hike in the woods. Best case scenario, might come...
  6. fredball

    Tomb of The Unknown... Female Sentinel's Last Walk

    IN GOD WE TRUST GOD BLESS AMERICA If we ever forget, that we are One Nation Under GOD. Then we will be a Nation Gone Under.
  7. clearconscience

    Don’t forget your big bore gun on a neighborhood walk

    Black bear this far in town is crazy!!! Black bear wandering Gresham neighborhoods killed by police
  8. IOM

    National  Students from 300 Schools Pledge to Walk Out of Class in ‘Stand for the Second’ Event

    Students from 300 schools have pledged to walk out of class May 2 in support of a pro-gun “Stand for the Second” event. “Stand for the Second” was organized by Will Riley, who is a senior in New Mexico’s Carlsbad High School. Riley is not a gun owner, but he is dedicated to ideals and freedoms...
  9. Koda

    Stand for the Second, school walk out protest

    this needs to go viral so every school has the chance. The media isn't going to share this... so share this everywhere especially Facebook. Stand for the Second
  10. Chee-to

    Speech on Guns causes Dem walk out

    Speech on Guns by Virginia Senate Candidate Causes Democrat Walk-Out, Goes Massively Viral Online A Speech by Virginia Delegate Nick Freitas, the liberty-minded conservative who is challenging Senator Tim Kaine, discussing the importance of the Second Amendment has been viewed over five million...
  11. CountryGent

    Fall colors ....

    I went for a short walk on the southern end of the acreage this morning. Fall is certainly here ... Any Fall pics to share? :)
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