A truck (United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, also called a lorry in the United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa, and Indian Subcontinent) is a motor vehicle designed to transport cargo. Trucks vary greatly in size, power, and configuration, with the smallest being mechanically similar to an automobile. Commercial trucks can be very large and powerful, and may be configured to mount specialized equipment, such as in the case of fire trucks and concrete mixers and suction excavators.
Modern trucks are largely powered by diesel engines, although small to medium size trucks with gasoline engines exist in the US. In the European Union, vehicles with a gross combination mass of up to 3,500 kilograms (7,716 lb) are known as light commercial vehicles, and those over as large goods vehicles.

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  1. HaveGun

    Truck bed tent work in a utility trailer??

    I have a 6'x10' utility trailer with 3' high sides that I use to haul my UTV into the woods. I have a Coleman tent that is a 8x10. I thought it would be cool to find a tent that would fit in the Utility trailer for extra security and ease of set up on camping sites. I've been searching and...
  2. HaveGun

    New Army truck based on Chevy Colorado?? Related to "Don't Ask/Don't Tell"?

    :s0153: The Chevrolet Colorado is reporting for duty. GM Defense, a General Motors division launched in 2017, has won a $214.3 million contract from the U.S. Army to build Infantry Squad Vehicles based on the...
  3. Roymil666


    2 different sets/types of tires here. Trades include: BCM M16 BCG, Lantac dragon ASR 1/2-28, AR bipod, Holosun HS510C Green, Sig bravo 4 or 5 prism scope 7.62 I have a set of 4 snow tires. 235/55r20. Toyo observe GSi-5. New is 11/32nd, two have 10/32nds and two have 8/32nds. Used them for half...
  4. pharmseller

    Need direction on truck rental

    My pickup is in the shop and my boat is ready to be picked up from the mechanic’s. Anyone have experience renting a truck for a day to tow a boat? Boat is in Eugene, I live north of Coburg. 19’ Arima. Thanks, P
  5. Mark W.

    Loading for the Truck Gun

    First some details. Truck Gun : Winchester model 1894 Trapper 16.25" barrel 6rd magazine. Open Iron sights, 30-30 caliber, WHY this rifle and caliber is not germane to this discussion it is what it is. The idea is to have a long gun for defense and in the case of a Natural or man made event...
  6. L84Cabo

    VINwiki: I Found A Smuggler Stealth Truck At A DEA Auction

    Just thought this was a great story and a pretty cool truck. The guy also does welding art with car parts and he built a pretty cool guitar for a shop owner that did some work for him. The guitar is around 14:58
  7. D

    Thinking about a truck gun....

    I live in the mule deer capitol of the PNW, live here long enough and you WILL hit one (I've hit 2 in 20 years). So I'm thinking of getting a cheap gun to keep in the truck primarily to dispatch an injured critter for those times when I'm not carrying. Am thinking .45 ACP since I already have...
  8. PDXbiker

    Rats Ate My Truck

    So I went out to drive my old Toyota truck today and it wouldn't start. Just cranked and cranked. So I start checking ignition, distributor and plug wires. I finally got over to the fuel side and saw my rubber fuel line had been eaten in half by what I'm guessing was a rodent. New fuel line and...
  9. osprey

    What’s with the 9mm pcc’s and 9mm AR pistols gaining favor for serious work?

    I love the caliber, it is offered in a multitude of platforms, cheap to shoot, accurate and most people can handle the recoil easily. But a decisive stopper round it is not. I see many threads here touting these pcc’s and ar pistol builds for hd , truck guns and such. I get it if that is all you...
  10. CatScat55

    5th wheel truck bed box

    has keys good used condition. Better built bed box. $250 open to trades
  11. wired

    Lets see your truck gun.

    It goes where I go and you'd have to know where to look to find it. 7" AR pistol with a quick detach silencer mount for when I actually want to fire that flame thrower.
  12. osprey

    Secure vehicle AR pistol storage

    I do a lot of backcountry travel during the course of fishing and hunting adventures. I have been thinking of creating semi permanent safe vehicle storage for a 12” braced ar pistol in 7.62x39. This gun is short and handy, yet powerful enough for most situations that may arise. So yesterday I...
  13. NWArborist

    Truck bed toolbox

    Selling my custom made aluminum truck box to fund a Glock 45 cal purchase Came out of my Toyota Tacoma it is very deep and water tight. Has wheel well cutouts and two bike mounts Length - 26 1/4” Width - 55” Depth - 17 5/8” Asking $700 OBO open to trades for Glocks
  14. 2Wheels4Ever

    1987 GMC 2500 4x4 parts truck

    I plucked some stuff from this to do a manual swap on my suburban. No structural rust on floors or doors, just some surface patina. Still has lots of good parts including a running 350 sbc and an all steel flat bed. $1100
  15. Mark W.

    Truck Guns Question

    I will be storing two firearms in my 48 Willys Jeep (Full structured insulated aluminum hard top) The first a Star Model B 9mm I have had this pistol almost 35 years it is unbelievably reliable and plenty accurate) This will be stored in a Center console that will be constructed stronger and...
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