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  1. L

    Single Shot .45 LC/ .410 Pistols -- Yes /No?

    I am going to start this conversation on a weekly basis with a firearm that catches my attention and in most cases could be made available at an amazing price. I came across the Comanche Super Comanche 10" single shot and think that there is a lot to like and may have some easy fixes to some of...
  2. The Courier

    WTS OR  Echo 93 QD sling mount for AK underfolders and pistols

    E93 V4/QD Quick detach sling mount for AK underfolders and some AK pistols. New in the package, check Echo 93's website for specific models that this unit fits. Look under the V4 section. $30 may be willing to trade for 9mm projectiles or 223 projectiles. Thanks for looking.
  3. gun.deals

    Trijicon Night Sight Set for Glock 42 Pistols - $59.95 shipped

    Trijicon Night Sight Set for Glock 42 Pistols - $59.95 shipped
  4. CountryGent

    Lepage Wax-Bullet Dueling Pistols

    I have never seen these before. It is kind of neat, so I am passing along the video. Cheers.
  5. R

    Where to shoot pistols near Cle Elum?

    Are there any indoor shooting ranges near Cle Elum? What about outdoor shooting areas?
  6. terryboggs147

    WTS OR  vintage daisy powerline pistols

    I have two pistols both in very good condition, no leaks they shoot well at about 410 feet per second with lots of shots per cartridge , i have allways used pell gun oil for the seals. asking 35.00 a piece or both for 60.00
  7. Navarretejerry

    WTS/WTT OR  2 CO2 BB pistols

    Selling my 2 co2 BB guns Both have been fired less then 10 times Comes with 1 laser Few extra tanks and ammo And original mags Asking 50$ for both Trades are welcomed. Please feel free to ask if you have any questions.
  8. Iceberg

    New Striker Fired Pistols

    What is up with all the new striker fired full sized pistols? Beretta, CZ, Remington, FN, HK, Walther and on and on. Did I miss something or did full size pistols become popular again? Why not just buy a Glock? Cost? They are all cheap compared to the last rage in full size handguns, 1911s. The...
  9. oldcorpgunny

    Luger Pistols

    When I was a boy, my dad and his friends used to talk a lot about WWII and what they experienced as soldiers. I was born in 1947, so I remember how fresh those memories were in the minds of my dad and his buddies. These were the guys that were part of the "Greatest Generation." I think all the...
  10. robertg

    Ruger Issues Safety Warning and Recall Notice of Ruger Mark IV Pistols

    Here's a link. I have one and I'm going to call them tomorrow. Mark IV™ Recall
  11. h4344

    Oregon  Are AK Pistols legal?

    Just curious if it is legal to have an AK pistol in the states of Oregon and Washington.
  12. Vaultman

    reloading for Semi-Auto Pistols

    I have been reloading for my rifles for years. All bolt action hunting rifles. Mostly because it is cost saving (not counting my time) and secondly because I kinda enjoy it. I am starting to shoot pistol more. I mainly shoot 40SW. I also have a 45ACP. I am thinking about reloading for these...
  13. gun.deals

    Beretta M9 9mm Pistols w/ 3 Magazines - $475 + $25 S/H

    Beretta M9 9mm Pistols w/ 3 Magazines - $475 + $25 S/H