1. O

    WTB OR  Quality Import AKs and CZ Scorpion Evo3 S1 pistols

    Looking for quality imported AKs and a CZ Scorpion Evo3 S1 pistol. I collect AKs so I'm always looking for nice examples. Interested in Saiga, Cugir, Norinco, Arsenal, etc.... let me know what you've got :)
  2. DB is Here

    German beachcomber finds box of 30 WWII pistols after a storm

    A German man and his father found more than seashells along the beach after a storm in their coastal Baltic Sea town last week. Alexander Ladwig, 23, was out for a walk with his pop when he found a recently unearthed box in the sand that contained 30 handguns, reports German news outlet Kieler...
  3. L84Cabo

    Video: FNS Pistols Inadvertently Discharging

    I don't recall seeing this posted here but please forgive me if it already has. There's a 6+ minute video at the below link detailing Baltimore County PD's and Arizona DPS's, FNS pistols going off when they shouldn't. And from the video it appears that they can go off pretty easily. :s0001...
  4. C

    Selling Part Of My Handgun Collection.

    For sale are the following pistols. All are in excellent to new condition. See bottom of this page for the FFL seller info. I am not interested in any trades. Ruger American Compact .45ACP. NIB. $350 FEG GKK-45 .45ACP This DA/SA pistol was made in Hungary. Most of these pistols are 9mm...
  5. Joe Link

    Show your rimfire pistols!

    Show your rimfire pistols!
  6. 5

    Test Fire of all the pistols I own

    I decided last week with my tiny bit of free time to take out all my handguns and test fire them at 15 yards with 50 rounds each just to see which one was "more accurate" (by more accurate i mean which one I shot better in an indoor range, temperature controlled and literally 0 stress or...
  7. S

    Starting over with two new pistols

    Well folks, after 2 years with my Glock 43 and >1 year with my P320 full-size 9 mm, I've made the jump to a P365 and P320 X-Five. Time to start all over with my training; going to have to draw a bunch, dry fire a bunch, and order some more ammo. Life is hard. It's okay, you don't have to feel...
  8. Hal OPeridol

    Picked up a couple C&R pistols at a big retail store.

    The one in Tulalip. I have had good luck finding stuff there. Recently picked up two pistols there, first was a 1916 Erfurt P08 and the other was a nice Gray Ghost P38. The Luger is all matching except for the magazine, which is a correct wood bottom mag. Bore is bright and shiny.
  9. T

    The "AK47" of pistols?

    Interesting new pistol design from Kalashnikov. Will This Russian Handgun Become ‘The AK-47 of Pistols’?
  10. tac

    One of my pistols turns up in the USA....

    Shooter Artillery Luger Funny old world, eh?
  11. The Heretic

    Calif. - traveling thru, maybe visiting, semi-auto pistols with 10 rd. mags?

    With the usual caveats/disclaimers aside (I know you are not giving legal advice, etc.), if a person wished to visit (as in not just passing thru - i.e. FOPA does not apply, but not taking up residence either - maybe staying a few days, no more than a week or two), what are the legalities on...
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