1. Quartermaster

    Russian sharpshooter turns pistols into instruments

    Not in the way that silly LO preacher made useless aluminum garden tools.
  2. 2A2Dend

    Slidefire GRIP for the AK and AR15 (pistols? = Not exactly)

    Designed, and soon to be released, by JTgrip. Their currently waiting on the patent. I read they will be $60/ea. JT Grip Solutions | Bump Fire Pistol Grips I'm in line for the release
  3. C

    WTB WA  Sig X5 Sig X6 Pistols CASH BUYER

    I am a cash buyer for Sig X5 or X6 pistols. CASH BUYER. Also have cool Sig trades.....38 Super P220 , Sig Legion NEW SAO 9mm mint...and high end 1911's.... Buying ALL Sig X5 - X6 Pistols and PARTS......:)
  4. Jim Colvill

    We all laugh at people who claim they have Hitler's Mauser...

    ...Rock Island Auctions don't have it but they do have Hermann Goering's PPK. It's expected to go in excess of $250K Historic Hermann Goering Presentation Walther Factory Engraved and Gold Plated PPK Semi-Automatic Pistol with Carved Grips, Personalized Ring and Cuff Links
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