Central Oregon is a geographic region in the U.S. state of Oregon and is traditionally considered to be made up of Deschutes, Jefferson, and Crook counties. Other definitions include larger areas, often encompassing areas to the north towards the Columbia River, eastward towards Burns, or south towards Klamath Falls. These three counties have a combined population of 153,558 as of the 2000 census, with Deschutes the largest of the three counties, having approximately four times the population of the other two counties combined. As of 2015, the most populous city in the region is Bend, with an estimated 87,014 residents. As defined by the three county definition, Central Oregon covers 7,833 square miles (20,290 km2) of land. Central Oregon has had 3 record tourism years beginning in 2012. Over 2.2 million people visited Central Oregon in 2012 and again in 2013.
The region is located in the middle of the state with the Cascades to the west dividing the state from north to south, and the smaller Ochoco Mountains to the east. Portions of the region are part of a basalt plateau formed by the Columbia River Basalt Group, others are part of the slopes of the Cascades, and others part of the Basin and Range. The climate of the area is primarily arid due to the rain shadow effect of the Cascades on the western boundary of the region. Outdoor recreational activities, timber, and ranching are the primary economic activities.

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  1. CountryGent

    Forensic Files: Rajneeshees

    I came across this when doing a deep research and reading into the Rajneesh movement in Oregon. Said chapter was, frankly, one of the weirdest in the state's long history. Anypoop, my wife seems to like the crime type shows and I called this one "creepy kill-kill-voice", and it stuck...
  2. T

    Pin and weld job

    Looking for a reputable smith in central Oregon for a muzzle device P/W. Pics of previous work would be hugely helpful if available, Ive seen some really rough jobs in the past.
  3. CountryGent

    Forensic Files: Bio-Attack (S7E8)

    One of my wife's favorite shows is Forensic Files. From time to time I've watched it with her. Anyway, there was an episode that focused on the Rajneeshee bio-terror attacks and how the case was solved. The whole affair was one of the weirdest in Oregon history. (Warning: the narrator's...
  4. MMMcCoy13

    Relocated from Central Oregon

    Looked up if The Gun Broker was still in business and found the answer on this site. Grew up with firearms and liked what I saw here so I joined! Thank you.
  5. gesasky

    Any real honky-tonks left?

    Anybody know of any good watering holes or honky-tonks in/around Central Oregon?? Or at least a place that still plays REAL country music??
  6. gesasky

    Central Oregon Gunsmith?

    I apologize if this has been answered in a previous thread, but does anyone know of a good gunsmith in Central Oregon?
  7. Defense Minister

    1000 Yards in Central Oregon?

    Anyone know a good, safe spot on public land in central Oregon where a person can shoot to 1000 yards? My preference would be somewhere not too far from where 58 and 97 intersect. Thanks!
  8. gesasky

    Can anyone help a Georgia redneck out?

    I recently moved here to Oregon this summer from Georgia and I am trying my best to understand yalls regulations/ tag system. I have never used the tag and points system before and was curious as to the best way to get a tag and acquire these points. Do you have to pay to apply for a tag? Can...
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