1. SUPER X

    WWII German Military compass

    German military compass . the needle sticks on occasion and free's up after a couple taps 50.00 Will ship on your dime
  2. 5

    Yugo M24/47 Mauser

    Yugo M24/47 Mauser. Very good finish on metal. receiver and bolt are matching numbers, mag floor plate and stock are force-matched. Strong rifling. Primarily looking to sell, but I am looking for a Savage in 300 Win Mag. I am adding more listings of milsurp rifles that I would be willing to...
  3. WAW44

    Whats with the skulls and the German worship?

    I'm seriously curious. I get these stupid ads now for apparel and junk because of buying firearm related stuff from various vendors. What't with all the skull and German military symbology? Patriot this... Warrior that..Reaper this...Operator that... Yes, all must be accompanied by stupid...
  4. N

    4mm rimfire German Shuetzen rifle.

    Here is an interesting old German rifle, I recently acquired from the brother of the WW2 vet that brought it home. It’s chambered for a 4 mm rimfire round. When I got it, it was so dirty and covered in years of soot and gunk, that I didn’t realize it was engraved until I started cleaning the...
  5. KalashnaKobold

    1943 Bulgarian WWII Issue STAR Model B PRICE DROP WTT

    Price OBO, fires 9x19. Beautiful condition STAR Model B 1911 style pistol. Just about without a doubt, WWII Bulgarian/German Issue. These handguns were issued to rear echleon personel and police during WWII, sent to Bulgaria in the second batch of 5000. I have a lot of research and confirmation...
  6. UnionMillsNW

    Vintage German Air Pistol

    Hey Folks, I have a vintage HS (Herbert Schmidt) .177 caliber "GAT" air pistol. Made in Germany. This unique pistol is loaded by compressing the barrel, unscrewing the breach, loading a pellet, closing the breach, and then firing! It's really a lot of fun. I inherited it from the original...
  7. Nathanshoots

    Sig Sauer P229- immaculate condition- German frame with rail-

    I’m getting rid of one of my Sigs because I just impulse bought a CZ! It has never been fired by me and came to me from Sig so it’s basically new. DA/SA trigger. Legacy slide. Short extractor. Factory E2 grips. This is a CPO Sig P229 chambered in .40 which means it was gone through by Sig and...
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