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  1. Brownsalamander

    WTB: Henry/Marlin 45-70 Lever Action AND Yugo M48 or German K98k Mauser

    As the title says, I'm looking to purchase a couple rifles. Preferably a German K98K Mauser (Although I wont turn down a nice Yugo M48 Mauser), and either a Marlin or Henry (must be side-gate loading) 45-70 lever action. I have Cash in hand and am ready to buy.
  2. M

    WTS Sig P225 West German

    Sig P225 West German in excellent condition. It also has night sights that are expired. Includes factory box, manual, test target and 2 magazines. This P225 is a good clean example of a 20+ year old Sig. At some point this was shipped back to Sig for some work but I am not aware of what was...
  3. CountryGent

    Identify this German Machine-gun?

    I have a documentary about the final days of the Third Reich playing at the present. One scene showed a German position that had be knocked out. The machine-gun does not appear to be a MG-34, MG-42, or other common general purpose machine-guns of the era. Anyone know what this is? Just...
  4. M

    Vintage German Carriage Clock

    Another item found while cleaning out my parents house, this is a pretty little key-wound mechanical clock for your mantel or shelf. It has an Urgos UW-6/36 (I believe that means it was manufactured in 1936) movement and a nice rich chime. Includes the original winding key. Cash would be my...
  5. NiteQwill

    Sig Sauer P6 - West German - 12/1979

    Comes with 2 magazines and NO original box All matching serial numbers. Good condition (finishing is 80-90%) with obvious holster marks. Shoots great without any hiccups. I can take high resolution pictures if you wish, just contact me below. $500 - Meet at a FFL in the Portland Metro area...
  6. d2the3

    German Mauser 98 looking for a little expertise!

    EDIT: all the numbers on the gun match, but no the the scabbard or bayonet. They both have different numbers that don’t match each other. My grandpa was in the navy during WWII and brought this along with a few other items home with him. After his death years ago I acquired this Mauser and...
  7. J

    Bowie Knife with sheath & German Knife $60

    USA made Bowie Knife with two knife sheath. The knife was made in Boulder, Colorado. The other knife is German made with a wooden handle. The Bowie Knife is carbon steel 14.5 x 9.25 inch knife. The German Knife is 8.75 x 4.5 inch knife.
  8. B

    German Scopes for Mauser K98 (ZF41 & ZF39)

    For Sale: 1. ZF39 Dialytan 4x bmj+ from WW2 = 500$ 2. ZF39 Dow+ from WW2 = 500$ 3. ZF39 Zielacht = 300$ 4. ZF39 Zielvier = 300$ 5. ZF41 (kov) = 500$ 6. ZF41 (dow) = 450$ 7. ZF4 (dow) for Gewehr43 = 500$ Contact/Email: Brumbaran2042@gmail.com
  9. Gotyoursix

    WW2 KKW German .22 Trainer rifle $700 obo

    History These were used during the interwar years leading up to WW2 as a way for the German military to introduce firearm training through competitions to the German populace in preparation for the outbreak of WW2 hostilities. As WW2 loomed closer the German military commissioned that the rifles...
  10. A

    German k98

    Looking to buy an unsporterized k98 for a decent price doesnt have to be matching and battle damage is a plus as long as its german ww2.
  11. HarryHaller

    Sig Sauer West German P220

    No trades, $700. West German produced P220 in 45acp. Night sights installed, getting a little dim, 8x 8 round magazines. Includes second barrel and many spare parts. Sig p220 by HarryHaller posted Jun 19, 2019 at 7:56 PM Sig p220 by HarryHaller posted Jun 19, 2019 at 7:56 PM Sig 220 by...
  12. Arsenal13

    P220 combat German made

    I have a like new p220 combat. Has less than 100 rounds through it, and looks to be in brand new condition. Has the more rare/desireable german frame. Comes with one 8 rnd mag. Asking $800 shipped usps money order. Must accept individual to ship to ffl. Thanks!
  13. cigars

    International  German Presidential Guard...ooops

    Nice CLE (career limiting event). I thought that Glocks were trained to come back to their masters when they clicked their heels three times and said "I am a jelly donut". German presidential bodyguard suspended after losing gun at Berlin hotel: report