1. R

    German F-104 flys below tree tops down roads

    I read this on an old aviation blog ether this guy and I were at the same base in west Germany on the same day, or German pilots did this on a regular basis "However the German Starfighters flew ground-attack training sorties without external fuel tanks too as Gregory Rush, former US Air Force...
  2. Saigashooter

    Looking for the person we got our German Shepherd from

    We purchased our german shepherd from Whitven K9 in 2009, does anyone have a current contact number for the owner/breeder? I originally found him thru this website and looking to get another one in the near future. The adult female in this picture is the dam to our dog, the puppy shown in the...
  3. gsparesa

    Chief of German Army – Frustrated with long-running neglect of military readiness

    Trump was right about certain members of NATO. NATO is not strong and is outdated. Germany, the richest country in EU, blamed for not fulfilling NATO's targets for military spending. The US spending money again, which we don’t have, to fight EU wars. How frustrating. Its like a wound that never...
  4. Lennie

    German bridge demoltion

    If you like big bangs and explosions, this is a nice watch
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