CCL Industries Inc. is a Toronto, Ontario-based company founded in 1951. It describes itself as the world's largest label maker. It is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX: CCL.B, CCL.A), and is an S&P/TSX 60 Component. CCL consists of five divisions – CCL Label, CCL Container, Avery, Checkpoint, and Innovia. It has 154 manufacturing facilities in North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa operated by approximately 20,000 employees.

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  1. turkeydonkey

    Multnomah Co. CCL application last question

    I'm sitting here filling out my Multco CCL app (finally) and it asks "yes/no: I have obtained relief from firearm prohibition." I kind of feel like I'm being asked that classic loaded question "have you stopped beating your wife?" because either answer seems to imply something bad. So what's the...
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