Columbia Records (also known simply as Columbia) is an American record label owned by Sony Music Entertainment (SME), a subsidiary of Sony Corporation of America, Inc., the United States division of Sony Corporation. It was founded in 1887, evolving from an earlier enterprise named the American Graphophone Company, the successor to the Volta Graphophone Company. Columbia is the oldest surviving brand name in the recorded sound business, being the second major record company to produce recorded records. Columbia Records went on to release records by an array of notable singers, instrumentalists, and bands. From 1961 to 1990, its recordings were released outside the U.S. and Canada under the CBS Records name (named after the Columbia Broadcasting System) to avoid confusion with the label of the same name owned by EMI, before adopting the Columbia name internationally in 1990. It is one of Sony Music's three flagship record labels, alongside RCA Records and Epic Records.
Until 1989, Columbia Records had no connection to Columbia Pictures, which used various names for record labels that they owned, including Colpix Records, Colgems Records, Bell Records and later Arista Records. Rather, as above, it was connected to CBS, a broadcasting media company which had purchased the company in 1938, and had been co-founded in 1927 by Columbia Records itself. Though Arista Records was sold to Bertelsmann Music Group (BMG), it would later become a sister label of Columbia Records through its mutual connection to Sony Music. Both Columbia Records and Columbia Pictures are connected through their parent company Sony Corporation of America, which is the parent of both the music and motion picture arms of Sony in the United States.
Artists that have recorded for Columbia Records include, but are not limited to, Earth, Wind & Fire ,AC/DC, Adam Ant, Bob Dylan, Neil Diamond, Celine Dion, David Bowie, Harry Styles, Leonard Cohen, Bruce Springsteen, Barbra Streisand, Pink Floyd, Tony Bennett, Roger Waters, Adele, Barry Gibb, Beyoncé, Susan Boyle, Billy Joel, Calvin Harris, Depeche Mode, Daft Punk, David Gilmour, Destiny's Child, John Mayer, Little Mix, One Direction, Pharrell Williams, Robbie Williams, Shakira and System of a Down.

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  1. RicInOR

    Other State  RONALD EUGENE DUBERRY, ET AL., APPELLEES v. DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, APPELLANT$file/18-7102-1788696.pdf Federal law authorizes retired law enforcement officers to carry concealed firearms all over the country (subject to some conditions), overriding state and local laws to the...
  2. Caveman Jim

    Columbia River Indorsment ends July 1st

    WDFW’s legislative authority to implement the Columbia River Salmon and Steelhead Endorsement ends June 30. Anglers are still required under state law to obtain an endorsement to fish for salmon or steelhead in the Columbia River until July 1. The department will not be issuing refunds as...
  3. ColeInOregon

    Another new guy on the Columbia

    Hi All, I found this site after doing some research on what to do after getting your rights reinstated. I recently had my felony from 18 years ago expunged and the info I found here was quite helpful. The felony was for a delivery of marijuana, I got some fellow high school friends a quarter...
  4. WasrNwarpaint

    Oregon  Columbia County Measure 5-270

    columbia county managed to get enough signatures from the petition that was started in Columbia County for Measure 5-270 to enact an ordinance that prohibits any infringement of the right to keep and bear arms..... big thanks to the initiator any other counties out there get a similar measure...
  5. coastal steelheader

    First the Columbia, now the Willapa

    Effective immediately the entire Willapa Basin is closed to all salmon fishing until further notice. Just the like the Columbia, poor returns of King salmon are to blame. I'm wondering if Grays Harbor is next.. WDFW FISHING RULE CHANGE: Salmon fishing to close in Willapa Bay (Marine 2.1) and all...
  6. Pierre

    My Son's submission to the Columbia Falls School Board

    When Latigo was in his last year of high school, an incident took place here in Columbia Falls that bothered him. After writing this, he submitted it to the School Board and to his English teacher as an assignment in writing. It was subsequently published in the local newspaper, The Daily...
  7. O

    Oregon ocean salmon fishing outside Columbia

    Got an offer to go salmon fishing in the ocean. Anyone have a report? I haven't bought a tag yet, so would be nice to hear a report before I commit to the tag and the cost of fuel.
  8. Ironbar

    Can anyone get me a pass to the Columbia Sportswear Employee Store?

    I am in need of a warm parka, and Columbia jackets are sold out all over the place. I was hoping to maybe find one in the employee store. If someone has access,could you reply to this thread or shoot me a PM? Thanks!
  9. C

    Just stood in the rain from 10:00 'til noon at the Columbia County Veteran's day commemoration.

    It was worth every moment! I shed tears for sacrifice, joy, and honor! It was the best Saturday morning I have experienced in a long time! I spoke with veterans from WW2, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Gulf War & Afghanistan. It is a great honor to stand among them and worship God as well as...
  10. skeezix

    Columbia Cascade Section Points Match 10/28/17

    @ Dundee this Saturday at 9:00am

    Columbia River 2060 Elishewitz F.T.W.S Fixed Blade - $60.29 shipped

    Columbia River Knife and Tool 2060 Elishewitz F.T.W.S Fixed Blade - $60.29 shipped
  12. K

    Nonresident renewals, Columbia County Oregon

    Apologies if this is a duplicate thread. I went back a grip of pages on the board and didn't see this covered. So, the expiration date on my nonresident Columbia County concealed weapon permit is approaching in a few months. Columbia County's website seems pretty sparse on information, and...

    Columbia River 2060 Elishewitz F.T.W.S Fixed Blade - $59.29 shipped

    Columbia River Knife and Tool 2060 Elishewitz F.T.W.S Fixed Blade - $59.29 shipped
  14. U

    Largest Booger in Recorded History Found near Vancouver, British Columbia

    The largest booger ever recorded in history, has been found in a Lagoon near Vancouver, British Columbia: Look at the mysterious ‘dragon booger’ found in Vancouver's Lost Lagoon .

    Columbia River Knife And Tool 9100C Eat'N Tool Multi-Tool - $2.26 shipped

    Columbia River Knife And Tool 9100C Eat'N Tool Multi-Tool - $2.26 shipped
  16. skeezix

    2017 Columbia Cascade Section Championship @ Dundee

    2017 Columbia Cascade Section Championship Type: USPSA level II Location: Dundee, Oregon Match starts: Friday, July 21, 2017 @ 8:00 AM Match ends: Saturday, July 22, 2017 @ 5:00 PM Mid Mo Rimfire 10-21-2017
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