The Vepr (Ukrainian: Вепр, wild boar) was announced in 2003 as the first indigenous Ukrainian assault rifle, designed by the National Space Agency of Ukraine. Note that on the Ukrainian Government Portal website (see below in External Links), the Vepr is classed as a sub-machinegun. It is one of several bullpup conversions of the conventional AK-74 design, along with the Polish Kbk wz. 2005 Jantar, the Chinese Norinco Type 86S, the Russian OTs-14 Groza, the Finnish Valmet M82 and the South African Vektor CR-21.

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  1. Bsskng001

    Howdy everyone!

    Howdy yall, I'm not super new to this. been using it for a while and bought a few firearms. really interested in soviet era stuff, AK's, Tokarevs, Makarovs. currently trying to trade my Molot Vepr FM-74 so if you're interested check out my ad! thanks for reading!
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