Chamber, chambers or the chamber may refer to:

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  1. L84Cabo

    Friends Don't Let Friends Drop A 1911 Slide On An Empty Chamber...

    ...and other things you shouldn't do with your guns. A PSA brought to you by Ken Hackathorn and Bill Wilson. :)
  2. The Heretic

    5.7x28 chamber adapter for 5.56x45 rifle?

    I did some googling, I did some searching on the the FN Five Seven forums - I didn't find anything offered. Glancing at the dimensions of the two cartridges, it seems it would be possible, but I am not sure. I am thinking an adapter for a single shot rifle chambered in .223, thinking this...
  3. EPS

    Been carrying my Glock 19 for the last two days with an empty chamber

    So been carrying my Glock 19 for the last two days back and forth to work. Well I picked it up today and went to put it in the holster. Did a quick press check. And HOLY $#!+. I been carrying it with nothing in the chamber. That would have been a bad deal if I needed it. Mmmmmmm
  4. MrRob96

    RIA Ultra FS HC 10 chamber support

    Alright, I realize this may be a very limited audience but here's a question. How well supported are the chambers of the RIA double stack 10mms? How well supported are the double stack 10mm 1911s in general? I handled 2 examples of the RIA Ultra FS HC side by side in my LGS and found...
  5. Frank RW

    Do you typically carry a round in the chamber?

    (aka "One in the pipe?") Another useless poll just for the fun of it. Thanks for participating. Try to keep it civil.
  6. Mygrainman

    The high price and cost of Accuracy(Noveske Mod0 chamber)

    A few months back I purchased a complete upper from a member here. He had it listed on Armslist too, and it really wanted me to buy it. It was a great deal so I drove over 4 hours round trip to pick it up. I looked up all the components to see what they cost... Vltor MUR1 billet upper MSRP...
  7. M

    10MM - 1911 Chamber Support - SR1911 Comparison

    After posting the SR1911 10MM Unboxing video the emails started to come in asking about chamber support. Being curious myself I decided to compare 4 10MM 1911's, Colt Delta Elite Ruger SR1911 Para Elite Hunter Kimber Camp Guard 10 Here in this video I do not have the best of camera gear...
  8. oknow

    Carry one in the chamber

    For those that think they don't need one in the chamber, You have a expensive rock.
  9. pdempsey1097

    XD 45 live round in chamber - slide won't cycle

    Anyone ever see this issue? I've owned many XD45's and have never had a similar issue. I looked on youtube, and there are a couple of suggestions, but with a live round in the chamber, I'm very cautious. The pistol is a 4" Service model with both grip and thumb safeties. The slide is all the...
  10. The Courier

    CZ 75B 9mm chamber question.

    So I've been trying to set an overall length for some 124gr fmj round nose and I am running into a problem, even at minimum seating depth the rounds will not pass the plunk test. The data from lee states that for a 124 fmj round nose using Titegroup minimum COAL is 1.150, so first I thought the...
  11. Joe13

    Great Video examples of reason to carry with one in the chamber

    Yea, I know I have another thread asking the question but this video shows and demonstrates some excellent points on why you want a loaded gun in many circumstances for many reasons:
  12. yglide115

    Live round jammed in AR barrel/chamber

    I have a live round stuck in the chamber/barrel of an 9mm AR build I was building and hoping to complete. I basically wanted to cycle a few rounds manually without pulling the trigger. First round I chambered got jammed in the brand new barrel. So jammed that it broke the extractor on the bcg...
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