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  1. L84Cabo

    Friends Don't Let Friends Drop A 1911 Slide On An Empty Chamber...

    ...and other things you shouldn't do with your guns. A PSA brought to you by Ken Hackathorn and Bill Wilson. :)
  2. Dyjital

    Thunder Ranch: Empty Loads

    Older video but a good one to refresh on. The discussion is when do you reload? When gun fails to fire from empty magazine or when you feel the urge...
  3. EPS

    Been carrying my Glock 19 for the last two days with an empty chamber

    So been carrying my Glock 19 for the last two days back and forth to work. Well I picked it up today and went to put it in the holster. Did a quick press check. And HOLY $#!+. I been carrying it with nothing in the chamber. That would have been a bad deal if I needed it. Mmmmmmm
  4. tac

    Almost empty movie-house.....

    Me and the family ig went to see a movie last week and were the only patrons there. How cool was that? tac
  5. Kid@Heart

    Rallying Is An Empty Exercise

    I know I have posted this before, but it seems like a good time to repeat myself. Rallying is an empty exercise. It rates right up there with writing letters to Jim McDermott or Patty Murray about gun control legislation. They don't care about 100 people showing up at the Capitol. It is...
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