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A ria is a coastal inlet formed by the partial submergence of an unglaciated river valley. It is a drowned river valley that remains open to the sea. Typically, rias have a dendritic, treelike outline although they can be straight and without significant branches. This pattern is inherited from the dendritic drainage pattern of the flooded river valley. The drowning of river valleys along a stretch of coast and formation of rias results in an extremely irregular and indented coastline. Often, there are islands, which are summits of partly submerged, pre-existing hill peaks. A ria coast is a coastline having several parallel rias separated by prominent ridges, extending a distance inland. The sea level change that caused the submergence of a river valley may be either eustatic (where global sea levels rise), or isostatic (where the local land sinks). The result is often a very large estuary at the mouth of a relatively insignificant river (or else sediments would quickly fill the ria). The Kingsbridge Estuary in Devon, England, is an extreme example of a ria forming an estuary disproportionate to the size of its river; no significant river flows into it at all, only a number of small streams.

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  1. Soren

    Replace Guide Rod On RIA 1911 FS

    I've had this Rock Island Armory 1911-A1 FS for almost 10 year or so (I don't remember exactly when I bought it). Currently, it has the full length guide rod in it. I am thinking about swapping it out for a GI length guide rod, just because I like the look of a closed plug better. If I do that...
  2. coltshooter

    RIA M200 Warranty

    Hello everyone, I have an RIA M200 .38 Special revolver that I've had for a couple years that has developed timing issues. I quite like the gun and I'm considering taking advantage of RIA's lifetime warranty. But since I've never warrantied any gun ever, the idea kind of makes me nervous. Does...
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