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  1. EHJ

    Revolver Issue: S&W Model 28 - cylinder advance starts getting tight at round 5 and 6...

    ... to the point that DA trigger pulls won't even advance past the 5th round. Even pulling the hammer back for an SA shot gets tight. Snap caps and unloaded all is smooth as silk. What am I missing? Any and all help appreciated. Edit: This is the first session this thing has been fired in 30...
  2. arakboss

    Fisherman's Remington 223 Ammo 70 cents a round.

    I was in the Oregon City Fisherman's on Saturday and they had a bunch of Remington 223 ammo for about 70 cents a round. They had 1000ct boxes and then it appears they broke up some of those boxes into baggies with fewer rounds. The price seemed to be about the same per round either way. Not a...
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