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  1. S

    MPX 30 Round Magazines

    I have 3 brand new Sig MPX 30 round magazines. I bought these by mistake and cannot return them cuz I bought them from out of state. These are gen 1 mags but I need gen 2s. These have the black follower. Asking 150.00 for all three. buyer pays shipping. Thanks Jeff
  2. S

    CZ P10C / P07 new style 15 and 17 round magazines

    For sale are the following new unopened CZ factory magazines for P10C and P07, new style with orange followers: 1. Two 17 rounders (15 rd with plus 2 extension) - $33 each 2. Three 15 rounders - 30 each Will sell as a lot for $150 shipped
  3. dojiijii

    Beretta 92s 9mm with five 15 round magazines ($400)

    I have a LEO trade-in Beretta 92s and five Beretta 15-round magazines (one with a metal base that came with the gun, four with polymer bases that I bought new). I've put about 300 rounds of mixed ammo through it without any issue. It feels great in the hand, is a joy to shoot (the recoil is...
  4. G

    Hornady 22 cal .224 75 gr ELD Match bullets 3500 round case

    I have a case (3500 rounds) of Hornady 22 cal .224 75 gr ELD Match bullets I'm looking to offload...
  5. W

    CZ Scorpion EVO3 goodies – Lage folder (left, 0 cant), SBA3, 30 round mags

    I no longer have the Scorpion, goodies are up for grab. Prices are SHIPPED. 1. Lage aluminum folder adaptor for Scorpion. Folds LEFT and zero Cant. GREAT condition, no stripped screws. $120 2. SBA3 with mil spec tube. Black. Excellent condition. $110 SET PRICE for above 1+2 =...
  6. Pro

    Type 63 black Phenolic 20 round mags

    Hello all, Im looking for Chinese type 63 black phenolic 20 round mags. If u have one or some laying around that you would like to pass on please reach out! thanks
  7. N

    8MM Romanian Mauser, 680 round crates

    WTS: 8MM Romanian Mauser, 680 round crates. Factory wood crates with 2 sealed spam cans and an opener. Laquer steel cased ammo, 154 gr. bullet, on 5 round stripper clips. Regarded as some of the better 8mm Mauser ammo, berdan primed and yes it is corrosive. Clean accordingly after shooting!. I...
  8. Glockmaster650

    Brand NEW 75 Round Drum Mag by X Products

    I have a brand new 75 round 9mm Glock drum mag by X Products. This is an american made Aluminum 6065 cerakoted drum. X PRODUCTS LLC drum is sold as a BETA. I have personally tested this product and works with multiple platforms such as KEL TEC sub 2k / Glock 19/26/17/45/19x 9mm pistols / KRISS...
  9. mkwerx

    CZ75 / P01 / PCR 14 round magazine

    Going thru my desk, I found a magazine for a gun I no longer own, and in all likelihood won't be replacing any time soon - but I know someone on here can use it. It's a 14 round CZ 75 Compact magazine, also fits the CZ P01 and PCRs (all the same basic gun) - this is a Mec Gar made magazine. $15...
  10. R

    Colt 10 round magazines

    Shooting Service Rifle Comp. And looking for a couple of Colt 10 round metal magazines. The shorter magazines seem to work better when shooting prone. Anyone one have a few extra they are willing to part with please let me know your price. Thanks!