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  1. coyoteman5

    Looking into getting a ported Barrel for XDM 40

    Alright as the title reads I’m looking into getting a ported Barrel for my XDM 40 5.25” not sure of how many of you out there shoot Springfield XDM’s but I’m looking for some input on what would be a good company to buy from or is going to a gun show ok or just go through a local gunsmith? A...
  2. J

    Zigana sport 9mm ported

    Anyone had some time with one of these. Ended up picking one up yesterday. It’s got pretty good sights,feels good in my hand. 15+1 with cheap mecgar magazines available.hopefullt ha e time to take it out tomorrow and get some rounds down range just look for some first hand experience.
  3. DuneHopper

    Ported vs Non Ported for Carry ?

    So Cabelas has a new M&P Shield that comes ported for slightly more $$. So for carry what are the advantages or disadvantages ? Thanks
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