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  1. Joe Link

    Washington  Over 125 guns stolen from 2 western Washington stores

    Over 125 guns stolen from 2 western Washington stores
  2. jbett98

    Odd Stock On Wards Western Field .22 Bolt Action Rifle

    Has anyone seen a stock like this on a .22 rifle. It has the Wards Western Field store brand on it I'm thinking it was made by Mossberg, but it could also be a Savage. The stock really intrigues me. Any info would be appreciated.
  3. osprey

    Western Wa Smith for ar10 barrel ext work

    I have a 308 AR barrel that I believe has a extension that has the feed ramps cut wrong. It jams tips of bullets into breech and will not chamber round. I have tried different combos of mags uppers and lowers and have come to the conclusion it is the extension itself. I am looking for a Smith...
  4. otterpilot

    Western Fast Draw

    Any ideas for quality Western Fast Draw holsters? Thanks
  5. A

    Shotgun Courses in Western Washington

    There's lots of handgun courses around but there are hardly no shotgun training courses in WA state right now. I'm looking for beginner shotgun courses in Western Washington hopefully close to the Seattle area. The NRA has 1 in for just $35 but it's not til January. I was hoping for something a...
  6. Blowgunner

    Western gray units

    I typically hunt Grays in White river unit. What are other units that have decent populations?
  7. User 1234

    Planning my move to Western Washington

    Hello everyone, To prevent the (understandable) tar and feathering, I will first say that I was born and raised in the Midwest and am a military retiree. I am assembling the various pieces of a move from California to Washington. I am not a Hillary voter, and promise that if I move I will be...
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