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lever action

  1. Unicykle

    Ithaca 20ga super single lever action

    Ithaca 20ga super single break open single shot lever action. 2 3/4-3” 28”. Im helping my stepdad sell of some toys he hasnt used In years, pm me and ill pass on his contact info. $250
  2. J

    Marlin or Winchester Lever action in either 44 magnum OR 45 long colt.

    Looking for a nice Marlin OR Winchester lever in either 44 magnum OR 45 long colt. Does not have to be new but must be in good shape. I can't pay the high Gun Broker prices. Hoping someone has one that they just don't have a use for anymore. I'd like one with a shorter barrel like the...
  3. clanhanson

    Winchester 1886 Extra Light .45-70

    Selling a nearly brand spankin' new Winchester 1886 Extra Light (.45-70), made by Miroku (expert Japanese craftsman). Beautiful high polish blueing, black walnut wood with open grain oil finish, and buckhorn rear with small Marbles front sight. Immaculate with no tool marks and good wood to...
  4. Vmckellar

    Mossberg 464 30-30win lever action

    Mossberg model 464 lever action 30-30 Excellent condition see pics, low round count No trades $400 you pays fees, I'll throw in the rounds I have with it as well, about 40-50 rounds. Located in Tacoma, WA.
  5. The Heretic

    Rossi R92 TRIPLE BLACK Lever Action Rifles
  6. U

    Taylor’s & Co. 1892 Takedown .45LC

    I bought this used several years ago with the intent to get into Cowboy Action Shooting. That didn’t happen and now I’d like to move in a different direction. When I bought it, the seller said there had been some work to the action to “slick it up.” I have no way to verify that. Other than a...
  7. LuLuBelle

    Winchester model 94 PRE 1955 30-30 lever action. EUC.

    .GORGEOUS WINCHESTER model 1894 made in 1955 VERY LOW round count. Mostly a safe queen. Action is FLAWLESS, barrel is BRIGHT.bore is clean and bright, furniture is near perfect with only a few VERY minor small scratches. Those few minor scratches could be easily be refinished out if you...
  8. J

    Tips and tricks for reloading for lever action 357/38specia

    Well just picked up a Rossi 92. Haven’t loaded for a lever action yet and haven’t really read up on it since I just got it a few hours ago. The only thing I know so far is the crimps need to be good and tight. Any insight would be much appreciated. Thanks guys.