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The Gerber format is an open ASCII vector format for 2D binary images. It is the de facto standard used by printed circuit board (PCB) industry software to describe the printed circuit board images: copper layers, solder mask, legend, etc.
Gerber is used in PCB fabrication data. PCBs are designed on a specialized electronic design automation (EDA) or a computer-aided design (CAD) system. The CAD systems output PCB fabrication data to allow manufacturing. This data typically contains a Gerber file for each image layer (copper layers, solder mask, legend or silk...). During bare board fabrication Gerber is the standard input format for photoplotters and all other fabrication equipment needing image data, such as legend printers, direct imagers or automated optical inspection (AOI) machines or for viewing reference data in different departments. Gerber files also contains a 'stencil' layer for solder paste and the central locations of components to allow the PCB assembler to create the stencil and place and bond the components.
There are three major generations of Gerber format:
Gerber X2. This is the current Gerber format.
Extended Gerber, or RS-274X.
Standard Gerber, or RS-274-D. This obsolete format was revoked.
The standard file extension is .GBR or .gbr though other extensions are also used.

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  1. g.i. joe

    Gerber Freeman Fixed Blade Knife With Custom Kydex Sheath.

    Gerber Freeman new in package. 5Cr Stainless 4“ blade. Includes a custom Kydex sheath with Blade Tech MOLLE-Lok for attachment to MOLLE/ PALS platform. MOLLE-lok can be reversed for ambidextrous use. Sheath will accommodate any mounting platform using 1.5” hole spacing. Sheath color is Dark...
  2. G

    WTS OR  RARE Gerber Auto Knives 06 DMF Covert Emerson

    Sad but selling my collection of Gerber autos. Most are new and some have rare scales or markings. 3X Mini Covert Autos, one FDE cerakote (new), two black (one lightly used) Used $90 New $115 1X DMF Auto, new $150 1X 06 Auto, tanto, 1 new with custom Coyote G10 handles $160 3X 06 Autos, drop...
  3. g.i. joe

    Gerber Air Ranger fine edge, green G-10

    New in package, fine edge blade and green G-10 scales, liner lock. $25 Shipped. Trade for ?
  4. thewhitebuffalo83

    Multitools-leatherman and gerber

    Two Leatherman juice's, one gerber strata. The Blue one is a older model that I have had for at least ten years and has a lot of life left in it. I'm asking $30 The sunrise yellow Leatherman comes with the box, I bought it off the forum a year or so ago and it just sat in the box. Im asking...
  5. M

    Gerber MP1 AR Multi-Plier NEW for AR-15 etc

    New Gerber MP1 AR Multi-Plier 10 Tool Multi-Tool for servicing M4 / M16 / AR-15 with sheath and bit set. Picture is packaged item, this one is out of package. $75
  6. M

    Gerber Automatic Knives Covert Propel Custom

    I have some Gerber automatics that I want to clear from my collection. 1. Tan Propel -sold- 2. Covert -sold- 3. Mini Covert -sold- 4. Black Propel Auto S30V, new $75 no lasermarks on blade 5. Mini Covert Auto S30V, new with custom pick cerakote $100 2 available 6. Mini Covert Auto S30V, new with...
  7. 010USN

    WTS/WTT OR  Otis Cleaning kit + tools

    Otis M4/ M16 cleaning kit with GP600 Pelican 8060 Flashlight Gerber EFECT maintainance tool Benchmade + Gerber Seat cutters $300, or trade. Free ship.
  8. Sniper03

    Gerber Fast Draw

    Had to send my Gerber Fast Draw Folding Knife back to Gerber today. Opened it up the other day, took off the safety button and the blade swung shut and open on its own not locking open. The Spring in the Handle that controls the Blade when in use had broken off for some reason? Letting the blade...