The Continental Mark III is a personal luxury car that was marketed by the Lincoln division of Ford Motor Company from the 1969 through 1971 model years. The first generation of the Mark series, the Mark III was marketed as the flagship vehicle of Ford Motor Company, serving as a successor to the 1956-1957 Continental Mark II. In what would become a three-decade rivalry, the Mark III was developed as a direct competitor to the Cadillac Eldorado after its shift to the personal luxury coupe segment in 1967.
All examples of the Mark III were produced as two-door hardtop coupes. To lower development costs, the Mark III was based upon an existing vehicle platform, sharing its chassis underpinnings with the Ford Thunderbird. To distinguish itself from the Thunderbird (and from the Lincoln Continental), the Mark III was given model-specific design elements, including hidden headlamps (with body-color covers), a radiator-style grille, and a simulated spare tire on the trunklid.
Alongside the Ford Thunderbird and Lincoln Continental, the Continental Mark III was produced in Wixom, Michigan at the Wixom Assembly Plant of Ford Motor Company. For 1972, in line with the redesign of the Ford Thunderbird, the Mark III was replaced by the Continental Mark IV.

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  1. Joe13

    Ruger Mark 3/III Upgrades

    I thought I would post up a small how to on upgrading a Ruger Mark 3 as I have seen numerous videos that do not contain the best info. I started with a Mark III SS Hunter: First thing I did was replace the grips which is pretty straight forward - I bought the grip and SS screws from Amazon...
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