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The .38 ACP (Automatic Colt Pistol) also known as the .38 Auto was introduced at the turn of the 20th century for the John Browning-designed Colt M1900. It was first used in Colt's Model 1897 prototype, which he did not produce. The metric designation for the round is 9×23mmSR (SR—Semi Rimmed) (not to be confused with the modern 9×23mm Winchester or the .380 ACP).

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  1. J

    WTT OR  Looking for 45 acp

    Looking for some 45 acp have some 556 is be open into trading for
  2. cowgirlkaboom

    Thompson Contender Barrel in .45 ACP and others

    I'm looking for a Contender barrels in .45 ACP and possibly other calibers other than 9mm, 10mm, .44 and .45 Colt. Rifle or pistol. Thanks!
  3. bramento

    Rock Island 1911 .45 ACP

    Rock Island Armory 1911 A1 FS Tactical. In .45 ACP. Full length rail, ambidextrous safety, aftermarket G10 grips. Comes with three mags and original box. 200 rounds fired at one trip to the range. Perfect function, great trigger, very accurate. $550
  4. Connor Murphy

    Springfield XDM 45 ACP Magazines

    Original Springfield XDM magazines, 45 ACP, 13 round capacity. These came new with a long gone pistol and are unused. $13 each or three for $30. Hillsboro area, no shipping.
  5. LuLuBelle

    Kimber Pro Custom Shop 4" .45 ACP FLAWLESS

    This fine firearm has to go to make room for a CZ75 Shadow I or II ( if you happen to have one to trade or sell let me know please. ) Pistol has NO WEAR and very low round count thru it. Its been a properly cleaned, lubed and babied since it was born. I am an adult and properly trained in .45...
  6. pilotval

    Ruger P90 DC 45 acp

    Ruger P90 DC 45 acp excellent condition with 2 magazine. $300