Win may refer to:
Win (baseball), a statistical credit given to a pitcher
Win (band), a Scottish band
Win (film), a 2013 Tamil-Telugu film
Win, a type of bet offered by UK bookmakers
Microsoft Windows
Win4Lin, a Windows-related software application
"Win", a song by Brian McKnight from the album Gold
"Win", a song by David Bowie from the album Young Americans
Win Radio, a Filipino radio station
Win FM, an Indian radio station
WIN Party, a small New Zealand political party
WIN Television, an Australian television network
WIN News, the news service for WIN Television
WIN Corporation, the owner of WIN Television

White-Indian-Negro, an old usage for Métis, tri-racial isolates
"Whip inflation now", an attempt to start a movement to combat inflation during the mid-1970s
Wireless Intelligent Network, a concept in development to transport the resources of an intelligent network to a wireless network
Winona (Amtrak station) (three-letter Amtrak station code), a train station in Winona, Minnesota
Winchester railway station (three-letter station code) in England
WIN chemical compounds, including WIN 55,212-2, first produced by Sterling Drug, Sterling "Winthrop" Pharmaceuticals
Winnipeg, a city in Canada
Wound-induced protein, a type of plant protein
Wolność i Niezawisłość ("Freedom and Independence"), an underground Polish anti-communist organization in 1945-1952

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