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The 8 bore, also known as the 8 gauge, is an obsolete caliber used commonly in the 19th-century black-powder firearms.

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  1. M

    Washington  I had thought smooth bore rimfire rifles were illegal?

    A friend had said they were offered a smoothbore .22LR, but turned it down believing that it was illegal; Now tonight I did some searching and see that Remington offers the 572 BDL Smoothbore, so I am more confused. I am just wondering, I like my bolt guns RIFLED, but curiosity is a habit I have...
  2. Identification for a antique big bore short barrel percussion rifle

    Can anyone help identify this antique gun?
  3. L

    Any thoughts on keeping a .32 flintlock bore clean in the field & range?

    Everyone, I have a : .32 Flintlock Pedersoli Kentucky rifle with a 32 " barrel and I can only get about 11-12 shots out of the barrel before the bore gets so tight I'm afraid I'll get a ball stuck part way down. I'm using Goex FFFg black powder. In the first outing I used pre-lubed patches...
  4. C

    Suppressor Bore Alignment Rod

    Any gun shop north of Seattle have one? Want to check alignment.
  5. kmk1012

    Why Doesn’t PSA do Big Bore?

    I’ve had really good luck with Palmetto State stuff and receive their (several) daily emails. I just keep waiting to see a 458Socom or 450BM, or even a 50Beaowulf. If they ever start I may be short a few hundred bucks. I’ve been looking for the “nudge” needed to get one as I really don’t have a...
  6. M

    Oregon  big bore air guns

    What about big bore air guns can they be use to hunt deer in Oregon or is it illegal still
  7. WAYNO

    Bore Swabs...My Endorsement

    For the first time, I recently bought some "Bore Swabs". Never thought I'd need such a thing as long as I had cleaning rods, tips, and an endless supply of patches. Enter RamRodz, bore and barrel swabs. They are purchased by caliber, and they fit the bore and rifling very snugly, doing a...
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