1. ddjchemist

    Does trigger guard holding screw matter in Savage rifles?

    I recently got a cheap Savage 10-P SR in 308 Win (18in Heavy Barrel). Considering how much I paid for the rifle (plus some other valuables that came with the rifle), I did not have much expectation. My plan was to use the action for my first personal built. However, after a couple of range trips...
  2. R

    Emden Guard Geese

    our new batch of geese turned out to be 1 female and 4 males - has caused a social imbalance and aggression in our flock so I asked my wife to order 3 certified female geese she contacted a breeder in California and we'll get 3 Emden goslings in April just now I looked into the special breed...
  3. ilikegunspdx

    This robot dog on patrol at PDX air nat guard is freaky looking

    Watching the video that thing looks like something out of a terminator movie. I bet the manufacturer has an armed version.
  4. Lennie

    Feds: Guard lied in probe of gun found at NYC federal jail

    And this is the same prison where Epstein was found dead.
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